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Philippine English

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The more, the manyer.

I told you not to go to, and you still go to. Now look at! (“Sinabi ko nang huwag pumunta doon, pumunta ka pa rin. Ngayon tingnan mo!”)

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Been there, been that.

Out of the blues…

That’s what I’m talking about it!

Last will and tentacle

Page 4: Philippine English

Thanks and advanced!

What are friends are for?

Looks family.

Patience is a virgin.

Page 5: Philippine English

Don’t touch me not!

The sky’s the langit!

Keep that bear in mind.

Survival of the fitness

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When it rains, it’s four.

It’s a blessing in the sky!

…grab the bull by the balls!

Page 7: Philippine English

The idea crossed at the back of my mind.

Let’s burn the bridge when we get there.

The feeling is actual.

Page 8: Philippine English

Wherever you go… there you are.

Birds of the same feather… are the same bird.

That’s the way the cookie jars.

Do not go historical.

Page 9: Philippine English

That’s the way the ball games.

Tell me who your friends are… and I’ll tell you mine.

Give him the benefit of the daw. (Ano daw?)

Page 10: Philippine English

Feel like home.

I don’t know to you.

It’s up for you.

Having one wife is called monotony.

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I can’t take it anymore of this.

What’s your next class before this?

I always go there sometimes! (Hindi nga?)

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You, you, and you! The both of you three! Come here!

Arrange yourselves alphabetically by height!

Can you repeat it again once more for the second time around?

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Let’s watch these videos…

..\Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan - Pinoy English.flv

..\Mikey Bustos Pinoy Lessons _Pinoy English_.flv

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Get into groups, and discuss your answers to the following questions:

1. What is the main argument of Tupas?2. How do many regard the English of

many Filipinos?3.How does English “control”the world?4. Is English a sacred language?

Explain.5.What does Tupas mean by wronging

English? Are we wronging English? Explain.

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