Persian Empire

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  • Persian Empire

  • Indo-European MigrationsHittitesAryansPersians

  • Critical Intro: (2-3 sentences)Make an argument for the most significant impact of the Persians.

  • Persian Empire

  • Persian Empire and Royal Road

  • Cyrus creates Persian EmpireConquers from Indus Valley in the east to Anatolia in West, and the Fertile Crescent

  • Cyrus the Great1st great king of Persian EmpireRuled subjects with ToleranceRespected religions of others

  • Darius I Created imperial bureaucracyDivided empire into 20 provincesPeople could maintain own religion, laws, languageEstablished idea of nationalitiesGreatest failure = could not conquer Greece

  • Persian Provinces

  • Darius fails to conquer Greece

  • Zoroastrianism- Two spiritual armies fighting for possession of souls = Good vs. Evil- Good god = Ahura Mazda Supreme god of truth and light- Evil god = Ahriman God of evil and darkness- Your choices in life determines your fateZoroaster

  • Alexander the Great conquers the Persian Empire

  • Critical Intro:Better governing style:Iron Fist orToleranceDefend your answer.

  • Critical Intro:How does Zoroastrianism compare to other religions of the times?