Performing arts science and humanities jan 2015

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<p>Performing Arts, Science and Humanities</p> <p>Performing Arts, Science and HumanitiesStarters and EndingsJanuary 2015Welcome to Engaging Starters</p> <p>Setting the SceneRecognise the advantages of Setting the Scene in contextIdentify at least one starter to try in your sessions next weekConsider the barriers to effective endings to your sessions</p> <p>Setting the SceneMusical Set List</p> <p>Acts in a ProgrammeChapters of a BookStages of an ExperimentChronology of the SessionRunning OrderEnthusiastic Starts</p> <p>Brain MusicImage of the Week/MonthWebsite of the Week/MonthBook of the MonthVideo of the WeekEmployer of the WeekEnthusiastic Starts</p> <p>Quote of the WeekKey StatisticKey PersonKey DateKey Discovery / InventionKey HypothesisEnthusiastic Starts</p> <p>2 Minute DebateKey EventMaths ChallengeWhat would you do?Key ConceptEnglish TeaserMusical Quotes</p> <p>Headlines</p> <p>Headlines</p> <p>Reviews</p> <p>Book or Play of the Week</p> <p>Poetry</p> <p>Author of the Week</p> <p>Mental Maths Challenge9 x 9 + 19 35 / 5 x 11 + 1 / 8 / 2 x 12 =</p> <p>97 + 35 x 5/12 + 9 x 5/16 x itself x 3/10 8 x 6/7 x 50% = </p> <p>85 2 28 x 16/19 x 23/4 x 662/3 x 871/2 + 7 x 15/12 + 6 x 28 =TV AdvertPaul can you put link inSharing Starters</p> <p>Sharing Starters</p> <p>Sharing Starters</p> <p>Plenary ActivitiesPlenary ActivitiesIdeasBloom Buster Whats behind the boxWheel of FortuneJohns ideas</p>