Passing 6th Grade

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  • 1. Passing 6thGrade
  • 2. Self-Esteem How you feel about yourself?
  • 3. Setting and Achieving Goals* Goalsare specific things we plan to achieve in a stated period of time.
  • 4. Short term goals* Thegoals that we plan to achieve in a short period of time, from a few hours or a few days to several months, are term goals.
  • 5. Types of Goals* Career goals Financial goals Personal goals Physical goals Spiritual goals
  • 6. What is a goal that everyone inthis class should have right now? What grade are you in at this time? What would be your goal concerning your grade level?
  • 7. A sixth grade goal To pass the sixth grade this school year. Will become -I will pass the sixth grade this year at Cooper Middle School to make my parents proud of me.
  • 8. What do we need to do?* Do all class work Ask questions Do all homework Concentrate Turn in all work Participate Turn in work on time Do your best Study Proof read all work Take notes Research extra Pay attention reading Read the chapters Dont rush the job Prioritize your work Study partners Keep up with theWrite at least five thingsyou can do in your teachernotes.
  • 9. Behaviors needed for this goal* Be on time Dont skip Have all supplies class/school Dont cheat Follow all rules Be honest Dont wait until the Listen and pay last minute to do attention in class your assignments Dont make Dont disturb class excuses Write at least five behaviors in your notes.
  • 10. Attitudes needed for the goal* Be understanding Good self esteem Good attitude Believe in yourself Be cooperative Be polite Team work Be thoughtful Give best effort Be creative Helpful Be organized Try I can always Be motivated improve I think I can!Write at least five attitudes in your notes.
  • 11. Make good decisions Youcan pass the sixth grade this school year.
  • 12. Realistic Goals* Realisticgoals are those possible for you to achieve in the period of time that you have allotted. Passing the sixth grade this year is a realistic goal for all of you.
  • 13. Resources to consider* Time Community resources Money Family members Tools Others Equipment Transportation Knowledge Permission Skills Age Abilities Legal Write at least five resources in your notes.
  • 14. Meeting your goals* You have control over what you think. You have control over what you say. You have control over what you do.
  • 15. Create a goal of your own Thegoal is to be something that you really want to do by the end of the nine weeks. (short term goal). Create a list of smaller goals that you would have to do in order for this specific goal to actually happen. Yourgoal with the list of smaller goals will be your assessment for this activity. Turn in your goal and list at the end of class.