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Paper Journal - Tsal - base on group - Mr.Aphithak

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2. 1. 1. 2.2. 3. 1.1. 2. 2. 4. 5. Safe household electricitySafe household electricityPratomsuksa 6 6. vocabularvocabularyy 7. appliance 8. circuit 9. wires 10. Gerustructure 11. as a noun. Theas a noun. Thetermverbalindicates that termverbalindicates thata gerund, like the othera gerund, like the other two kinds of verbals, is two kinds of verbals, is based on a verb and based on a verb andtherefore expresses actiontherefore expresses actionor a state of being.or a state of being.However, since a gerundHowever, since a gerund functions as a noun, itfunctions as a noun, it 12. After certain verbs (e.g.,After certain verbs (e.g.,Gerundadmit avoid, cant stand,admit avoid, cant stand,(verb+enjoy, feel-ing) feeldeny, dislike, adjectives+deny, certain adjectives+ dislike, enjoy, After certainAfterlike, finish, imagine,like, finish, imagine,prepositions(e.g., angryprepositions(e.g., angryjustify,the subject of aAs found(on),good/badjustify,the subject of aAs found(on), mind,about,about,keep of, good/bad keep of, mind,miss, practice,in).miss, practice, quit, quit,, interested in).at, interestedrecommend, regret, risk,recommend, regret, risk, Cooking is my favoriteCooking is my favoritesuggest). interested insuggest). hobby.Im interested inIm hobby.collecting stamps.collecting stamps. 13. television set have a plug at thetelevision set have a plug at theend of it? Because pushing theend of it? Because pushing theplug into a wall socket is theplug into a wall socket is theeasiest and safest way ofeasiest and safest way ofconnecting the television to theconnecting the television to theelectrical supply. It is importantelectrical supply. It is importantthat the plug is wired upthat the plug is wired upproperly. The cable usually hasproperly. The cable usually hasthree wires. These are the livethree wires. These are the livewhich is brown, the neutralwhich is brown, the neutral(blue) and the earth (green and(blue) and the earth (green and 14. No bad habits, please No bad habits, pleasePlaying with electricityPlaying with electricity can be deadly. can be deadly.Carelessness can be Carelessness can be highly dangerous, too. highly dangerous, too. Despite this, manyDespite this, many people get into bad people get into badhabits when they usehabits when they use 15. all wires properly insulatedall wires properly insulatedand all connections secure, isand all connections secure, issafe to use. But worn-awaysafe to use. But worn-awayinsulation and loose wiresinsulation and loose wirescan make an appliancecan make an appliancedangerous.dangerous. A faulty appliance can kill A faulty appliance can killyou! It is the live wire,you! It is the live wire,carrying high energycarrying high energyelectricity, which can causeelectricity, which can cause 16. If the insulation on the liveIf the insulation on the livewire wears through, thewire wears through, thelamp can become live. Butlamp can become live. Butit wont current blowsto wont stay live flows to for longit the electricityblowstoto2 the electricity for long stay live flows2 1 thecurrent supply3 the current supplythe3 1 the currentbecause:It flows happensbecause:It flowsoff. Thisthe light isThis off. Thisthe fuse. cut happensthe light isThis from thethe fuse. cut from the earth. earth.happens whencurrent inbecause whencurrent inhappens the the fuselive wire, through thebecause the the fuse live wire, through theblows.caseof this happensmetal casecircuitlamp andthe short of the isblows. All circuitlamp andmetal All of the isthe short of this happensin a fraction of than the along bigger a wire. Thisalong the earth wire. Thisthe earth secondin a fraction of than themuch biggermuch a secondoften with aabang. circuit produces shortoften with aabang. circuit produces short 17. Activity 18. 1. Make a group of three.1. Make a group of three.2. Each group chooses one of2. Each group chooses one ofpictures from from PowerPoint.3. All of members in group think3. All of members in group thinkabout how to save householdabout how to save household electricity.electricity.4. Describe your way to your4. Describe your way to yourfriends in group.friends in group.5. Present in front the class by5. Present in front the class by