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A description of how to make a different kind of paper airplane.

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  • 1. How to make this paper airplane:

2. Step 1: Start with a blank sheet of paper (A4). 3. Step 2: Fold the sheet diagonally from the upper right corner. 4. Step 3: Fold the sheet diagonally from the upper left corner, this time. 5. Step 4: When the paper is laid flat it should look like this. 1 2 6. Step 5: Tuck the sides of the 2 triangles (1 & 2) in for this shape. 7. Step 6: Fold the right corner up to make half of a diamond shape. 8. Step 7: Fold the left corner up to make the whole diamond shape. 9. Step 8: Fold the right side of the diamond tip horizontal across the diamond. 10. Step 9: Fold the other half horizontally also. 11. Step 10: Cut a slit in the tip of the airplane. 12. Step 11: Tuck the tips into the pockets you made by the horizontal folds. 13. Step 12: This is how it should look when you are tucking it in. 14. This is what the top of the plane looks like. 15. This is what the bottom of the plane looks like. 16. You can use the diagonal creases to hold onto the airplane. 17. You can customize it by folding the right and left edges up.