Pacific Northwest Native Plants List for a Trouble Free Garden

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Pacific Northwest Native Plants List for a Trouble Free Garden

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  • 1. t he listA Companion to the Choosing the Right Plants Natural Lawn & Garden Guidea b ett er w ay to bea utif ul

2. Waterwise garden by Stacie CrooksDiscover a better way to beautiful!T his plant list is a new companion to Choosing theThe list on the following pages contains just some of the Right Plants, one of the Natural Lawn & Garden many plants that can be happy here in the temperate Pacic Guides produced by the Saving Water PartnershipNorthwest, organized by several key themes. A number of(see the back panel to request your free copy). These guidesthese plants are Great Plant Picks ( ) selections, chosenwill help you garden in balance with nature, so you can enjoy because they are vigorous and easy to grow in Northwesta beautiful yard thats healthy, easy to maintain and good forgardens, while offering reasonable resistance to pests andthe environment.diseases, as well as other attributes. (For details about theGPP program and to nd additional reference materials,When choosing plants, we often think about factorsrefer to Resources & Credits on page 12.)like size, shape, foliage and ower color. But the mostimportant consideration should be whether a site provides Remember, this plant list is just a starting point. The morethe conditions a specic plant needs to thrive. Soil type,information you have about your gardens conditions anddrainage, sun and shadeall affect a plants health and, as a particular plants needs before you purchase a plant, thea result, its appearance and maintenance needs. better. By creating a plan and selecting plants wisely, youllavoid costly errors, reduce maintenance and enjoy a betterway to a beautiful, healthy garden. page 1 3. Wet Winter/Dry Summer PlantsThe following plants are some of the best at faring well in very wet winter soilsoften due to slow drainage orconstant seepageand dry summer soils. Plants with an asterisk* can even handle standing water; all will thrive withgood summer drainage. Refer to page 12 for additional resources to help you nd plants that match your gardens conditions.Partial ShadeDeciduousEvergreenMature Tree Heightssmallup to 30 feet tallShademedium 30 to 70 feet tallTreesSunlargemore than 70 feet tallAcer circinatum vine maplesmall; great fall colorBetula albosinensis var.chinese red birch mediumseptentrionalisBetula nigrariver birch largeBetula utilis var. jacquemontii himalayan white birch medium; gorgeous barkCrataegus laevigata and cultivars english hawthornsmallLiquidambar styraciuaamerican sweet gumlargeMetasequoia glyptostroboides* dawn redwoodlarge; deciduous coniferPinus contorta var. contortashore pinelargeQuercus palustris pin oak largeBetula albosinensisvar. septentrionalisShrubsAronia arbutifoliared chokeberryautumn berriesAronia melanocarpablack chokeberryautumn berriesAronia prunifolia purple chokeberry autumn berriesBerberis darwinii darwins barberry dense habitBerberis thunbergii and cultivars japanese barberry Rose Glow is a GPPCornus alba and cultivars*redtwig dogwood Elegantissima is a GPPCornus stolonifera and cultivars* red osier dogwood twig color best in sunGaultheria shallonsalal forms a thicketMyrica californicacalifornia wax myrtle birds like the berriesPhysocarpus opulifolius purpleleaf ninebark Diabolo is a GPPPotentilla fruticosashrubby cinquefoillong bloomtimeSambucus nigra and cultivarsblack elder Gerda is a GPPSpiraea douglasii douglass spireavigorous; forms a thicketSpiraea vanhoutteibridal wreath spireapretty white owerswhite berries; forms aSymphoricarpos albussnowberrythicket Berberis darwinii = a Great Plant Picks selection page 4. Wet Winter/Dry Summer PlantsPartial ShadeDeciduousEvergreenPerennials,ShadeGrasses and MoreSunsemi-evergreen; brighterAcorus gramineus Ogon*gold variegated sweetagin sunAnemone nemorosawood anemonedormant in summerBergenia species and hybridsbold leavesBlechnum penna-marina alpine water fern in sun, needs more waterBlechnum spicantdeer fern in sun, needs more waterCarex Ice Dance*variegated sedgevigorous groundcoverCarex oshimensis Evergold*variegated japanese sedgeErythronium revolutum pink fawn lilydormant in summerErythronium Pagodayellow fawn lilydormant in summerneeds water until owerHemerocallis cultivarsdaylilybuds developLuzula niveasnowy woodrushunusual texturebest with occasionalLuzula sylvaticagreater woodrushsummer waterbest with occasionalOsmunda regalis and cultivars*royal fernsummer waterAcorus gramineusOgonbest with occasionalPolystichum munitum western sword fernsummer waterbest with occasionalPolystichum polyblepharum japanese tassel fernsummer waterPolystichum setiferum Divisilobum best with occasionalsoft shield fernsummer waterGroup and otherssemi-evergreen; out-Waldsteinia ternata barren strawberry competes many weedsspreading, self-seeding;Limnanthes douglasiipoached egg plant dormant in summer Polystichum munitum = a Great Plant Picks selectionNOTES: page 3 5. Moisture-Loving PlantsHere are a variety of plants that can thrive with moist or wet conditions throughout the year, including poordrainage. Plants with an asterisk* can even tolerate standing water. Refer to page 12 for additional resources to help you ndplants that match your gardens conditions.Partial ShadeDeciduousEvergreenMature Tree Heightssmallup to 30 feet tallShademedium 30 to 70 feet tallTreesSunlargemore than 70 feet tallAmelanchier canadensis serviceberry small tree or shrubBetula albosinensis var. septentrionalis chinese red birchmediumBetula nigra river birchlargeBetula utilis var. jacquemontiihimalayan white birchmediumLiquidambar styraciua american sweet gum largeMetasequoia glyptostroboides*dawn redwood large; deciduous coniferNyssa sinensis*chinese tupelo mediumNyssa sylvatica* black gummediumTaxodium distichum*bald cypress large; deciduous conifer Betula alboseninsis var. septentrionalisNOTES:ShrubsAronia arbutifolia red chokeberry autumn berriesAronia melanocarpa black chokeberry autumn berriesAronia prunifoliapurple chokeberryautumn berriesCalycanthus oriduscarolina allspiceinteresting owersClethra alnifoliasweet pepperbush fragrant pink owersCornus alba and cultivars* redtwig dogwoodElegantissima is a GPPCornus stolonifera and cultivars*red osier dogwoodsun for best twig colorLonicera involucrata black twinberryforms a thicketMyrica californica california wax myrtleforms a thicketPhysocarpus opulifolius and cultivarsninebark Diabolo is a GPPSalix discolor*pussy willow forms a thicketSalix purpurea*arctic willowforms a thicketSambucus nigra black elderberry Gerda is a GPPSambucus racemosared elderberry glossy red fruitforms a thicket; removeSorbaria sorbifoliafalse spireasuckers to restrict spreadVaccinium corymbosum high bush blueberrydelicious fruitPhysocarpus opulifolius = a Great Plant Picks selectionDiabolo page 4 6. Moisture-Loving Plants Partial Shade Deciduous EvergreenPerennials, ShadeGrasses and More Sungolden variegatedsemi-evergreen; sun forAcorus gramineus Ogon * sweetag brightest colorAdiantum aleuticumwestern maidenhair fernusually sold as A. pedatumAstilbe (all)*astilbein sun, needs more waterBlechnum spicantdeer fernin sun, needs more waterCaltha palustris* marsh marigold yellow owersCarex Ice Dance*variegated sedge vigorous groundcoverCarex elata Aurea*bowles golden sedge sun for brightest colorCarex oshimensis Evergold*variegated japanese sedgeDryopteris wallichianawallichs wood ferntall, glossy frondsGunnera manicatagiant rhubarbprotect from drying winds June and Sum andHosta (all)Substance are slug- resistant GPPsIris ensata and cultivars*japanese irisgorgeous owersIris laevigata and cultivarsjapanese irisgorgeous owersIris versicolor blue ag gorgeous owersLigularia dentata*golden groundsel avoid midday sunCarex Ice DanceLobelia cardinaliscardinal ower short-lived perennialLysimachia nummularia Aurea * golden creeping jennyspreads quicklyMatteuccia struthiopteris ostrich fern spreads vigorouslyMimulus cardinalis* scarlet monkey ower dappled shadeOsmunda cinnamomeacinnamon fernOsmunda regalis and cultivars*royal fernPrimula beesiana* candelabra primrosecan be semi-evergreenPrimula bulleyana*candelabra primrosecan be semi-evergreenPrimula denticulata*drumstick primrose can be semi-evergreenPrimula elatior*oxlipcan be semi-evergreenPrimula japonica and cultivars* japanese primroseRodgersia pinnata*rodgersia cut back mid-summer forScrophularia auriculata Variegata*water gwort fresh ush of foliageThalictrum delavayi Hewitts Double double meadow rueairy leaves and owersViola glabellastream violetcan be semi-evergreenZantedeschia aethiopica*calla lily evergreen in mild winters Carex elata= a Great Plant Picks selection Aureapage 7. Favorite Pacic Northwest Native PlantsThese are among the most garden-worthy native plants available in local nurseries. When buying natives, askto make sure the plants are nursery-propagated to avoid harming natural plant environments in the wild.Refer to page 12 for additional resources to help you nd plants that match your gardens conditions. Partial Shade Deciduous Evergreen Mature Tree Heights smallup to 30 feet tall Shade medium 30 to 70 feet tallTrees Sun largemore than 70 feet tallAbies grandis grand r large; drought tolerantAbies procera noble r largeAcer circinatum vine maple small; great fall colorCalocedrus decurrensincense cedarlarge; drought tolerant large; drought tolerant;Chamaecyparis nootkatensisweeping yellow cedar Pendula is a GPP large shrub or small tree;Malus fusca pacic crabapple tolerates standing water large; tolerates winter wet,Pinus contorta var. contortashore pine summer drought small; needs excellentQuercus garryanagarry oak drainage small in garden setting;Tsuga mertensiana mountain hemlock drought tolerant Chamaecyparis nootkatensis PendulaShrubsAcer glabrumdouglas mapleshrub or small treeAmelanchier alnifolia serviceberry well-drained