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2. Chronologically, this temple of learning is 75 years old. Railway girls high school was established in 1931 by the erstwhile in nizam state guaranteed railways, as primary school. Subsequently, it was converted into Nizam statea welfare measure. Later, the Nizam state railways was merged into central railways and the school was upgraded into a middle school. The south centre accommodate them. railwaywas curved in 1996, as a result of which the strength of the employees increased much and many sections in the school were increased to commenced With the protest and demands from employees and organized labour union agitation, the school was upgraded into a high school in 1973. education was imparted in telugu medium un till 1976 and due to increasing demand, teaching through English medium. 3. ACHIEVEMENTS We march ahead in the hisorical records of the only girls high school on this Indian railways the period under review is a Golden Era, with a string of memorable achievements. The crowning achievements of this continued success year after year and all round exhibit of talent of students culminated our school to adjudged as BEST SCHOOL on Indian railways for all round excellence. This is the only school to have been awarded the best school on Indian railways and it is also one of the best schools in twin cities of Hyderabad. Smt.k.janaki receivingthe best school award. 4. American India foundation- part sponsored Indian telecentre forum 2006 at taj place, new Delhi on 23, 24 & 25 august 2006.Mr.V.V.Prabhaker teacher from our school has been selected to participate in the one and half hour special session by AIF, integrating technology in education- the AIF digital equalizer way out of 100 schools in India they selected our school and a teacher to explain about DE programme. The school was adjudged as the national winner by Intel for out standing implementing and the best integration of technology incurriculum. 5. School Activities Academic Excellence Excellence Academic performance is the hall mark of the school as reflected in the final examination result, year after year. The school secured 95% in the SSC public examination. The school have the rare distinction of topping all the schools in SSC examinations on south central railway with a score of 545/600.the number of distinction and first class secured in SSC examination is consistently high and is at another glorious dimension of the credible improvement in academics. 6. RAILWAY GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL/NLGD/SC ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE SCHOOLFORTHE LAST TEN YEARS . S.S.C. - ENGLISH MEDIUM 88.3 % 72 99 112 2008-2009 90.5 % 50 24 76 84 2007-2008 90% 30 42 98 109 2006-2007 95% 20 52 95 100 2005-2006 93% 24 21 65 70 2004-2005 98.5% 28 35 68 69 2003-2004 92% 43 26 57 62 2002-2003 92.4% 23 16 61 66 2001-2002 100% 19 36 65 65 2000-2001 97% 18 35 68 70 1999-2000 98% 23 24 61 62 1998-1999 PASS PERCENTAGE FIRST CLASS DISTINCTION NO. PASSED NO. APPEARED ACADEMIC YEAR 7. Glimpse of band party The girls band party is the first of its kind on south central railway. This band party was the brainchild of Gaz.HM Smt.K.janaki and took space in January 2006 with in 3 months the students put in a lot of hard work and showed keen perseverance there by were very successful in displaying their talent the band party of the school has become a special attraction this year. Band party shows the talent. 8. . The CHAIRMAN, RAILWAY BOARD who witnessed the display of the girls was very much impressed and encouraged to prepare to participate for REPUBLIC DAY PARADE, New Delhi. He also sanctioned an amount of RUPEES ONE LAKH for the preparation of the band party.THE ALL GIRLS BAND PARTY Which is unique on this south central railway and this has won accolades from quarters of the railways.The band party girls won the hearts of many people on various occasions. The honble railway minister Sri lalu Prasad yadav was received by the hand of display girls of our school at secunderabad. Girls band party is infact the pride of south central railway. Band party has got the opportunity todisplay their parade in new delhi. 9. GUIDING ACTIVITIES Guiding has been the first love of the girls of the school believe that their programs offer multiple opportunities to bring out human tracks. All the are enrolled as bulbuls and guides Group photo of guiding students in mysore. 10. CULTURAL ACTIVITIES Our schools cultural activities is dynamic in nature. Our school girls perform a dance show. Our schoolstudents displays a show in RRC ground. 11. LITERACY ACTIVITIES The girl students of our school have been participating in the literacy competitions conducted by various department of state government and otherorganizations and have also won many laurels fortheschool andsouth central railway. Our Students receiving prizes from Honble Education Minister & Forest Minister of A.P.State Govt . Kum. V.Brahmini of our institution received First Prize in Essay Writing Competition from C.M on the occasion of 55 thVanamahotsava Celebrations at Lakdi ka pul, Hyderabad. 12. Inspring celebrations Independence day A spirited march past and galvanizing patriotic songs portrayed the patriotic fervor on the independence day 13. SPORTS ACHIVEMENT IN GAMES AND SPORTS The innumerable awards won by the institution, both at national and international levels. The sports girls of our school have carved a special niche for themselves and the school by participating at the national levels by making us proudBansi prathima of our school is high talented in chess and had participated in various tournaments held at different places at state, national international level under seven years age category and secured gold meddles/ first places.Bansi prathima with her gold meddles 14. Teachers Day Keeping alive the glorious rational of this country, teachers day was celebrated in a benefiting manner Balikotsav day The balicas of the school eagerly took forward for November month every year, where they get unlimited opportunities to exhibit their talent during balikotsav Avarietiesofweeklongcreativecompetitionshighlightedbyanenlightening display, colourful rangoli, fancy dress, solo and group singings, drawing and painting, essay writing, elocution, quiz and handicraft competitions. 15. SEMINARS AND VISITS 25 JUNE 2006Andhra Pradesh tourism on line visited our school and showed an exhibition of photographs of important places in Andhra Pradesh. 31 August 2006 Sukuki Exnora organization from Finland miss pharaoh & Sri.laxmi the ex student of our school conducted a seminar on different techniques of disposal of garbage our students were richly enriched 16. 21 September 2006:Prof. A.N.Gupta from osmania university has given a valuable lecture of moral values. 4 October 2006 Sri.Kameshwar Raoof central railway hospital, lallaguda practically demonstrated blood group of tenth students. 16 November 2006 Lions club of Hyderabad conducted on enlightening talk on human values

    • 18th November 2006
  • Jana Vignana Vedic conducted Chekumuki Science Talent Test-2006. Kum Seema Rani, Kum G.S.Priyanka Scored high ranks.

17. 25 January 2007 Our student had the rare opportunity of seeing Dr. Jane Goodly physically in front of their eyes and amidst them. They spoke to her interviewer her, listen to her while most of the others saw her only on T.V. channels like discovery, national geographic. Jane goodal with students. Students spent there golden time with Jane goodal. 18. Tree plantation COMPUTER EDUCATIONThis is the only school on the south central railway zone to have been implementing computer education. 19. VOCATIONAL EDUCATION This is the only school on the south central railway zone to have been implementing vocational education. In the vocational educational we have tailoring and book binding and printing. The girls will be equipped with this vocational skills by the time they complete their schooling, and they are given certificates by the Andhra Pradesh state board of technical education which indeed will certainly help them in their future life. 20. The success of the school is because of the unflinching and diehard attitude of the students, teachers and the headmistress along with the able guidance of the administration. The group photo of teachers of RGHS. Thank you

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