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1. OUR LATIN AMERICAN HERITAGE MEXICOS ROLE IN THE CONQUEST OF THE PHILIPPINES Mexico played a great role in the conquest of the Philippines by Spain. It was Legaspi, with the help of father Urdaneta, who conquered the Philippines for Spain. But their success in colonizing the Philippines was truly a Mexican success because Legazpi and Urdaneta were only Spanish birth; and they lived in Mexico. 2. Without the additional troops, missionaries, and supplies from Mexico, Legaspis expedition could not have succeeded. But we should remember that the Spanish government in the Philippines was always in need of funds. It suffered from lack of money because the Spanish officials were corrupt and they did not develop our countrys natural resources. 3. THE PHILIPPINES WAS RULED FROM MEXICO In the year 1565-1821, the Philippines was ruled by the Mexican viceroy in the name of the Spanish King. MEXICAN VICEROY the highest Spanish official in the Mexican colony. The Mexican viceroy appointed temporary governors of the Philippines and other high officials. 4. MEXICAN IN THE PHILIPPINES Mexicans came to the Philippines to live or to work. Archbishop Miguel de Poblete(1653-1667) and Archbishop Manuel Antonio Rojo(1759-1764) they were Mexicans who serve as Archbishop of Manila. Father Felipe de Jesus- the first Mexican saint of the Catholic church served as a missionary in the Philippines. He was one of the 26 Christians martyrs crucified at Nagasaki, Japan on February 5,1597. 5. FILIPINOS IN MEXICO The first Filipinos who went to Mexico were the four heroes of the TONDO CONSPIRACY OF 1587-1588. This secret society was found out by Spanish officials on October 26,1588,and all its leaders were arrested, executed and exiled. They were Pedro Balinguit, datu of Pandacan ; Pitongatan, datu of Tondo, Felipe Salonga- datu of Polo; and Agustin Manuguit-datu of Tondo. 6. THE GALLEON TRADE Galleon trade was the chief link between Mexico and the Philippines. The most important events of the year in both Manila and Acapulco were the departure and arrival of the galleon. The safe arrival of the galleon was a festive occation, celebrated with great joy, thanksgiving masses, parties and the traditional feria. Through the galleon trade, many families in Mexico and the Philippines became rich. Because of the galleon trade, Manila became the PEARL OF ORIENT or the trade center of Asia. 7. THE PARIAN MEXICO The Philippines influenced the Mexicans to build their own Parian (China Town). The Manila galleons brought to Mexico many goods from Asiaceramiks,1silk,cotton,blankets,etc. 1703 the special market for Asian goods was inaugurated. It was called PARIAN. After the famous China Town in Manila. 8. MEXICAN CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE PHILIPPINES New plants were the following; Achute,avocado,calabasa,beans,caca o,camachile,cassava,chico,guava,gua yabano,corn,maguey,papaya,peanut,t obacco,wheat,etc..and many flowering plants like the azucena, marigold, cadena de amor, calachuchi, and Acapulco. 9. New animals; Cattle, fighting rooster, oxen, horses, ducks and mayas. NEW INDUSTRIES Bookbinding ,adobe stone making, making panocha (sugar) from cane, cigarette making and wearing of hats and mats. NEW DIET AND DRESS The western costumes were introduced by Spain through Mexico. AMERICANA (coat)-used by men SAYA (skirt) and VESTIDA (dress)-used by women Mexico influenced Filipino diet through the new plants which were introduce from the new world. 10. NEW MUSICAL INSTRUMENT AND DANCES The first western musical instruments; (violin, guitar, flute, harp, drum, trumpet and cymbal) were brought to the Philippines from Mexico. Many Philippines song and dances came from Mexicoex.; JARABE and PANDANGO DE SAMBALILLO (hot dance) CATHOLIC IMAGES Many catholic images came from Mexico. These are now found in famous shrines in the Philippines example; BLACK NAZARENE in QUIAPO CHURCH, the Patronage of Antipolo (OUR LADY OF PEACE AND GOOD VOYAGE), OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE in PAGSANJAN, LAGUNA. 11. CATHOLIC CHURCHES CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS Examples; Moro-moro plays, town feria, mariones festival in Marinduque, Santa Cruzan, pabitin, and Todoslos Santos. WORDS AND LANGUAGE There are more than 100 words in Filipino came from Mexico, among them are; Acacia, balsa (lightwood), chocolate, bayabas, mais, palengke, tiangge (market day) and zacate (grass todder). MEXICAN BLOOD Many Filipino families today have Mexican blood because their ancestors came from Mexico. 12. INSPIRATION FOR INDEPENDENCE The Filipinos were inspired to seek their own freedom when Mexico and other Latin American countries won their independence from Spain. 13. FILIPINO CONTRIBUTIONS TO MEXICO 1. New plants *These are; cinnamon pepper and tamarind, coconut and mangoes, bananas and ilang-ilang. 2. Tapayan Easthern Jar *Many Mexican families in Acapulco and nearby towns still use the big jar called TAPAYAN in their homes. 3. Antiques *These are; Monton de Manila(showl), Paete handicrafts, and Ilocano blankets. 4. Parian *The Parian of Mexico city existed from 1703-1843 and was copied from the Parian in manila. 14. 5. Filipino Words Like; Manga (mango),monton(showl), racatan(lakatan banana) parian (market), palay (raw rice), and sarangola (kite) 6. Filipino Blood *Many Filipinos came to live in Mexico especially those sailors who deserted the galleon ships.They lived in Acapulco and married women. 7. Independence Money *It is also curious that the Philippines helped Mexico gain its independence from Spain. *From the darkest hour of the Mexican fight for independence, the train carrying the galleon money from mexico to Acapulco passed by.The money belonged to Spanish merchants in manila who exported goods to mexico on the galleon. 15. *General Agustin de Iturbide with his troops held up the train and got the money for his troops. Thus he was able to continue and win the fight for independence. HISTORICAL VALUES .The Philippines had very close relations with Mexico during the Spanish era. Thats why we have a rich cultural heritage from Latin America. 1.The Philippines is a unique country because it is only the country in the world with a heritage from four different cultures. Asian Heritage, European Heritage, American Heritage, Latin or Mexican Heritage. 16. 2. Contributions of Mexico to Philippine life and culture include new plants and animals, new industries, new diet and dress, new music and dances, customs and traditions. 3. Filipinos were inspired by the revolution in Mexico and other Latin American countries in early 19th century. 4. Contributions of Philippines to mexico included new plants, the use of earthen jars, antiques, the Parian, Filipino ancestors, and money for the Mexican fight for the independence. 17. Thank you for listening