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  • 1. Education and Culture DG Lifelong Learning Programme Let s make a gardenin Pre-School Little Europeans Know Each OtherEU LLP COMENIUS Multilateral School Partnership ProjectBourbon LArchambault FRANCE

2. For the 5 year-old Children Grande Section September-October 2012 3. Weeds have invaded our gardenSTEP 1 :clearing our garden. 4. Children have made discoveries ... An earthworm ... 5. Weeds will use compost...What energy !How effective ! 6. 12STEP 2 :digging our garden.3 7. STEP 3 : using the rototillerThe ground isreturned and airy. 8. STEP 4 :using a raketo level theground. 9. What do we plant, sow in our garden ?Six strawberry plantsbulbs of hyacinths tulip bulbscrocus bulbsA variety of salad :corn salad 10. a tulip bulbCorn salad seedsa bulb of hyacinth a crocus bulb 11. 21a dibble3STEP 5 : 4lets plant our bulbs5 12. 1 2 3STEP 6 : lets sow our corn salad seeds1- draw a furrow in the ground2- sow the seeds3- cover the seeds with soil 13. STEP 7 : lets plant our strawberries 14. Here, our plantations are completed. We donot have to water them because the rain camejust after!Now, be patient! Our first flowers shouldbloom in spring.Hope that our strawberries will be productive ...Yum, yum! 15. The plantations of petite section 3 years old Radish seeds We sow Our albumWe compress And we water 16. The flowersOnions of TulipsWe put our onions then we water a little We hide onions in the earth 17. Bulbs of hyacinthsWe pay some water into small glass jars then we put bulbsabove; roots have to touch the water. We planted one in the earth to see the difference. 18. A few days later Our radish grew a lot!! But PATIENCE still.Before being able to eat our There are big roots !radish and offering flowersto our moms 19. Selective sorting with petite section A green Trash canFrom this album We sort out by materialA yellow trash can A blue trash can

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