Our first mobility, by our students

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2. CANTERBURY13th November - 19th NovemberCarmen CeciliaCarmen HensM Carmen HerreraAntonio Marn Estefana RiderManuel Garca 3. SUNDAY13th 4. On 13th Nov, we travelled by train from Crdoba to Mlaga airport to fly to London (Gatwick). The flight was fineand we were very excited about the wonderful days we hoped to spend inEngland. It was our first visit to thiscountry. There, Marie Brandon, the first language assistant in our school, picked us up and helped us to get to Canterbury 5. Finally, we arrived in Canterbury at ten oclock at night and we werevery tired but happy. 6. MONDAY14th 7. The hotel was very nice. We stayedin double rooms. The following morning we had a typical English breakfast: eggs with bacon, milkand toasts. The German group wasstaying there too and we madefriends with them very quickly. 8. In the morning we went for a walk in Canterbury. It is a beautiful, old city, full ofancient monuments. Then at midday we went toRochester, and we saw its fantastic cathedraland the ancient Rochester castle. Rochester CathedralRochester Castle 9. That day, we met the students from the othercountries: Italy, Greece, Cyprus. They were allvery friendly. Now, only the Polish weremissing, as they would arrive on tuesday 10. TUESDAY15th 11. We went to Faversham to the AbbeySchool. The headmistress welcomedus and told us about the school.Then, we met some English studentswho showed us their school. It ismuch bigger than ours. It has sevenbuildings and a lot of hugeplaygrounds. Then, at lunch time, wewent to the canteen and had lunchwith the other students and teachers.Then the Polish students arrived. 12. After lunch, we met again and chose the Comenius logo: thewinner logo was made by LauraMuoz, a Spanish 2nd level student at our school! 13. Later, we went to Whitstable to abowling alley. We had a great time there! 14. WEDNESDAY 16th 15. We visited theCanterbury Cathedral. Itmixed Romanesque and Gothic styles. Later wewent on a quick tour inCanterbury. Its a really beautiful place!!!! 16. In the afternoon we went to the Roman Museum, and later we returned to the Cathedral andlistened to the evensong. 17. In the evening, we had dinner in the hotel dinning room and later we stayed thereand played cards with the Germanstudents. We had a good time andpractised English. 18. THURSDAY 17th 19. This day we went on a fantastic Londontour on a double decker bus and we saw alot of wonderful monuments. 20. Also we visited the Natural History Museum, and we saw alot of interesting thingslike 21. Dinosaurs skeletons, insects and the biggest redwood. 22. Finally in the evening we went toHarrods, the most exclusive mall in thewordl 23. Then, back in Canterbury, both theteachers and the students met for dinnerin an Italian restaurant. We had a fantastictime together. We enjoyed it a lot. 24. FRIDAY18th 25. That day we went back to Londonagain and we visited a lot ofdifferent places 26. The Globe, Shakespeares theatre 27. The British Museum, the most famous museum in England There we sawmummies, Egyptian and Greek statues. 28. and finally, wewent to seeThe Lion King Musical.It was great and the singers were wonderful! 29. SATURDAY 19th 30. We took a flight back to Crdoba with a lot of new friends andgreat experiences!! 31. NOW, SOMECURIOSITIES. 32. The telephone boothsare a bit unusualThe taxis are verytraditional The policemen wear peculiar helmets 33. We saw some typical English notices. 34. THE END