Osher History Ireland Scotland Wales 1a

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We will examine Irish, Scottish, and Welsh history and culture from 500 BC to the present.


  • 1. Celtic pre-history Beaker folk, circa 2000 BC Urnfield culture, circa 1200 BC

2. Maps of Beaker folk (l) and Urnfield culture (r) 3. Urnfield culture burial urns Held in the Universittsmuseum fr Kulturgeschichte, Marburg, Hesse, Germany. 4. Celtic pre-history Indo-European Common Celtic, circa 1000 BC P and Q Celtic, circa 300 BC 5. Indo-EuropeanGermanicRomance/LatinateEnglish and modern Germanic languagesFrench, Spanish, Portuguese, ItalianCommon Celtic (all Continental Celtic dialects now extinct)Q Celtic/GoidelicP Celtic/BrythonicIrish, Scottish, Man xWelsh, Cornish, Bre ton, Cumbric (Cumbric extinct)Son of = mac Head = ceannSon of= map, ap Head = pen 6. Hallstatt culture, c.1200-500 BC (yellow) and La Tene, 500 BC-500 AD (green) Hallstatt excavated by Johann Georg Ramsauer in the mid-19th century CE. La Tene excavated in mid-19th century. 7. Illustration of Hallstatt graves, discovered in 1846 in Austria 8. Hochdorf burial goods, 6th century BC Discovered near Hochdorf an der Enz, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Some pieces at the on site museum, others at the Kunst der Kelten, Historiches Museum, Bern. 9. Hochdorf sword 10. Hochdorf shoes 11. Hochdorf drinking horn 12. Hochdorf crater, with lion decoration 13. Hochdorf gold torque