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A presentation to accompany a workshop at Sheffield Hallam on 24th June 2013.


  • 1.White Rose Learning Technologists Forum / 24 June 2013workshop

2. Who are you?Dr. Doug BelshawBadges & Skills LeadMozilla 3. Structure of TodayDoug talkingYou talkingHashtag: #wrlt 4. 5. 6. Who?What?When?Where?Why? How? 7. Mozilla!(global non-profit) 8. Some of the organisationsinvolved in the ecosystem 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Who?What?When?Where?Why? How? 19. Open Badges are images withmetadata hard-coded into them 20. CC BY-SA Kyle Bowen 21. Visual representations ofachievements, learning, skills,interests, competencies 22. They can accommodateformal & informallearning pathways 23. Mozilla has built (and will maintain) the plumbing 24. They can represent hard & softskills, peer assessment, andstackable lifelong learning 25. Open Badges can capturelearning wherever & however itoccursallowing for innovation 26. 27. Open Badges?(What about degrees, certificates, diplomas?) 28. Not simply either/orboth/and! 29. Who?What?When?Where?Why?How? 30. Silo 1Silo 2Silo 3DegreePRINCE2etc.CPDcertificate 31. Silo 1Silo 2Silo 3What skills/attributes aremissing here?(how can we best presentthem in a holistic way?)DegreePRINCE2etc.CPDcertificate 32. OpenBadgesInfrastructure(OBI) 33. I love badges formotivating me inmy learning!We use metadata-infused credentialsaligned with the OBIIm using micro-accreditation tomake achievementsmore granular 34. Who?What? When?Where?Why?How? 35. 36. Who?What?When?Where?Why?How? 37. 3 main ways to issue badges... 38. Roll your own solution(using onboarding documentation)Use plugin for an existing system(plugins available for most major platforms/systems)Third-party issuing platform(URLs in metadata point to their servers)3 main ways to issue badges: 39. Use plugin for an existing system(plugins available for most major platforms/systems) 40. Who?What?When?Where?Why?How? 41. NOW!(we launched v1.0 in March) 42. ~100,000Open Badges issued>26,000earners>700issuerstoby(May 2013 stats) 43. Coming soon... 44. Federation of badge backpacksComing soon...Image CC BY IsaacMao 45. Endorsement (3rd-party signing of badges)Federation of badge backpacksComing soon...Images CC BY IsaacMao & 46. SOME IDEASto get you started Play! Experiment! Earn your first badge to see how they work. Think up some criteria and issue a badgeto someone using Join the Open Badges community. Askquestions! Launch a pilot. What behaviours/skills/understanding are you trying to promote? 47. Conclusion Open Badges = metadata-infusedcredentials Were now at v1.0 of the OBI Lots of organisations are alreadyusing badges Were going to get started right now!