Open Badges: Motivating staff to engage in CPD

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Motivating staff to engage in CPDOpen Badges:

1IntroductionsOpen Badges: Jisc RSC Y&H Moodle User Group 15/5/14

Celeste McLaughlinAdvisor: Staff DevelopmentTwitter: @celeste_mclOverview of session Brief Overview of Open Badges Jisc RSC Scotland Open BadgesDigital Practitioner SeriesBorders CollegeOpen Badges for staff CPD

Open Badges: Jisc RSC Y&H Moodle User Group 15/5/14Open BadgesOpen Badges: Jisc RSC Y&H Moodle User Group 15/5/14A digital accreditation infrastructure

An Open Badge is a digital rewardGives recognition of skills including soft skills - be difficult to document good for evidencing skills to future employersMotivate people to participate & contribute (in a course, initiative, forum)Can be used in assessment identification of learning, attributes and competenciesOpen infrastructure - based on the Mozilla Open Badges Infrastructure (OBI) - for issuing, managing and sharing credentials

4Open BadgesOpen Badges: Jisc RSC Y&H Moodle User Group 15/5/14Information infused digital images

Image by Kyle BowenSo what is a badge?Online, visual representations of achievements, skills, attributes, learning, competencies, contributions etcDigital badges with metadata baked in these include criteria and can include evidenceAlign to a standard developed by an international communityUnderpinned by the Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) developed by MozillaProvide an opportunity to capture and demonstrate some of those skills that are not currently explicit in an academic qualification, such as soft skills like presentation and communication skills, employability skills like leadership, the ability to mentor others, being a good team player.

5Open BadgesOpen Badges: Jisc RSC Y&H Moodle User Group 15/5/14Digital credentials earners can display online

On: Professional profiles, e.g. LinkedIn / Blogs / Personal websites / Social media / e-Portfolios...Digital credentials earners can display onlineEarners store their badges in a badge pack. Earners can then choose to add their badges or groups of badges to online platforms such as recruitment sites, professional profile sites, on their own blogs, personal websites etc.

6Open Badges: Jisc RSC Y&H Moodle User Group 15/5/14Jisc RSC ScotlandIssuing badges to:Recognise contribution to the learning of othersAccredit the acquisition and application of knowledge Reward the sharing of practiceIncrease the learning of the sector Motivate engagement with Jisc servicesRecognising the work of the sector

From Flickr by justus.thaneJisc RSC Scotland have 3 series of Open Badges:Digital Practitioner Series next slideDigital Innovator Series awarded for our iTech Case Study Contributors, Forum Contributors & Webinar ContributorsDigital Leadership Series awarded to those who engage with us on topics such as our Assessment Summit, Open Badges Design Days, OBSEG group

7Jisc RSC Scotland Open Badges

Open Badges: Jisc RSC Y&H Moodle User Group 15/5/14Digital Practitioner SeriesBadges have been awarded in this series since 2012 for those who successfully complete our Learning Online courses. Those who are successfully complete all the activities in the online courses are awarded a Completer BadgeWe also have a Tutor badge awarded to those who have facilitated our coursesAnd an Influencer Badge which is a peer awarded badge (more details later)

8Jisc RSC Scotland Online CoursesOpen Badges: Jisc RSC Y&H Moodle User Group 15/5/14Learning Online (LOL)

3 courses currently available in the series:Online Communication & e-TutoringeAssessment for LearningDigital Literacies for Digital LearningThe LOL courses are 2 or 3 week fully-online courses delivered via Moodle. During the courses we build a community of learners and the courses are designed to encourage collaborative and peer learning.

9Open Badges: Jisc RSC Y&H Moodle User Group 15/5/14

Screenshot of OCeT CourseLots of support available and although the course is flexible we do offer a suggested timetable for activities over the 2-3 weeks of the course.

10Open Badges: Jisc RSC Y&H Moodle User Group 15/5/14

Screenshot of OCeT Overview & Timings2 week coursescreenshot of pre-course activities and suggested timetable for week one of the course

11Open Badges: Jisc RSC Y&H Moodle User Group 15/5/14 Screenshot of OCeT Completer OBOB Criteria link on the OB image would take people to the criteria pageInformation about the courseWhat participants had to do to complete the course including the couse matrices detailing criteria for successfully completing the Journal activity and forum activity

12LOL Open BadgesOpen Badges: Jisc RSC Y&H Moodle User Group 15/5/14Influencer Badge LOL Open Badges Influencer BadgeEach LOL course includes the opportunity for a peer awarded Influencer Open BadgeVoting rulesAt the end of the course, participants vote for peers they believe helped to influence the learning of themselves and / or the group as a whole. They are asked to consider, and to vote for any peers they believe have met, the following:Participant made a significant and constructive contribution to discussionsParticipant provided reflections and / or links and / or additional information pertinent to the course subjectParticipant enhanced the experience of the course for the group and / or myself through their contributionsParticipant demonstrated the principles of netiquette in their contributions to the courseAnyone receiving 3+ votes from their peers, and successfully completing the course, will receive the Influencer badge

13Open BadgesOpen Badges: Jisc RSC Y&H Moodle User Group 15/5/14Feedback from LOL participantsIt was nice to see a badges scheme in operation. I really did think that collecting badges incentivised my participation.Participant, Jisc e-Assessment for Learning courseOpen Badges Feedback from LOL participantsFeedback on including open badges in our courses has been positive quote from participant on the eAfL course. Have the option to gain an Open Badge does seem to motivate course participants and having the option of a peer awarded influencer badge does introduce an added incentive and the standard of contribution from participants in these courses is extremely high.

14Digital PractitionerOpen Badges: Jisc RSC Y&H Moodle User Group 15/5/14Extending the series

Digital Practitioner Extending the SeriesJisc RSC Scotland are currently working on expanding the Digital Practitioner Series. As well as the online courses, we offer face-to-face workshops and a number of other virtual sessions. Were planning on rolling out our new digital practitioner badges next academic year. A lot of thought and planning has gone into these badges, particularly with regard to the badges criteria we dont want to award badges for attending CPD instead we have devised evidence templates which will need to be successful completed before badges are awarded.

15Borders College Use of Open BadgesOpen Badges: Jisc RSC Y&H Moodle User Group 15/5/14Moodle Badges

Borders College Use of Open Badges Moodle BadgesE-Learning team at Borders College piloted introducing Open Badges to students & staff during AY2012-13NC Digital Media & NVQ Hairdressing level 1 students selected for pilot.3 badge levels Bronze, Silver and Gold Moodle User awarded to students for best practice in using MoodleBronze = creating a suitable profile statement and adding a pic then higher level badges can be worked towardsStudents were also given the opportunity in the pilot to vote for the lecturer they believed displayed the best use of Moodle across their course.Voting took place via a block in Moodle.

16Borders College Use of Open BadgesOpen Badges: Jisc RSC Y&H Moodle User Group 15/5/14Awarded for staff CPD activities

Borders College Use of Open Badges Awarded for staff CPD activitiesStaff at Borders College were given the opportunity to earn open badges by participating in CPDThe HR dept in Borders College have now replaced all paper based certification with Open BadgesBadge issuing done manually by e-learning team on receipt of email from HR dept

17Benefits of CPD Open Badges Open Badges: Jisc RSC Y&H Moodle User Group 15/5/14Feedback from Head of HR and Development

Benefits of CPD Open BadgesFeedback from Head of HR & DevelopmentAwarding CPD Open BadgesGave recognition to staff of CPDAble to keep an electronic record of their achievementsRaised awareness about the potential of open badges amongst staff increase in interest and acceptance of the potential of open badges across the curriculumCollege also saving time and money on printing and issuing of paper based certificates

18Further informationJisc Open Badges Design Toolkit Jisc RSC Scotland Open Badges Replacing paper based certification of CPD activities with Open Badges at Borders College Open Badge Adventure at Borders College

Open Badges: Jisc RSC Y&H Moodle User Group 15/5/1419