Open Badges (Learning Pool webinar)

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Slides to accompany a Learning Pool webinar on 12th June 2013.


  • 1.Learning Pool webinar / 12 June 2013

2. Who are you?Dr. Doug BelshawBadges & Skills LeadMozilla 3. Questionsalready received1. How can badges be used to drive accredited learning?2. Are the awarding bodies on board with this initiative andare there any examples of how this might work in practice?3. What makes a successful badge system. Any examples?4. How much does an Open Badges system cost?5. Can Open Badges integrate with a learners Social Mediachannels. If so, how? 4. Two AnswersYes!and0.00(its Open Source, too!) 5. Who?What?When?Where?Why? How? 6. Mozilla!(global non-profit) 7. Some of the organisationsinvolved in the ecosystem 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Who?What?When?Where?Why? How? 18. Open Badges are images withmetadata hard-coded into them 19. CC BY-SA Kyle Bowen 20. Visual representations ofachievements, learning, skills,interests, competencies 21. They can accommodateformal & informallearning pathways 22. BADGE DISPLAY SITESSUCCESS 23. after-school program free online course government agency 24. DISPLAY SITESpersonal web sitesocial networkingprolesWordPress / Tumblrjob sites 25. RESULTSnewlearningunlockopportunitiesjobs 26. Mozilla has built (and will maintain) the plumbing 27. They can represent hard & softskills, peer assessment, andstackable lifelong learning 28. Open Badges can capturelearning wherever & however itoccursallowing for innovation 29. 30. Open Badges?(What about degrees, certificates, diplomas?) 31. Not simply either/orboth/and! 32. Who?What?When?Where?Why?How? 33. Silo 1Silo 2Silo 3DegreePRINCE2etc.CPDcertificate 34. Silo 1Silo 2Silo 3What skills/attributes aremissing here?(how can we best presentthem in a holistic way?)DegreePRINCE2etc.CPDcertificate 35. OpenBadgesInfrastructure(OBI) 36. I love badges formotivating me inmy learning!We use metadata-infused credentialsaligned with the OBIIm using micro-accreditation tomake achievementsmore granular 37. Who?What? When?Where?Why?How? 38. 39. Who?What?When?Where?Why?How? 40. 3 main ways to issue badges... 41. Roll your own solution(using onboarding documentation)Use plugin for an existing system(plugins available for most major platforms/systems)Third-party issuing platform(URLs in metadata point to their servers)3 main ways to issue badges: 42. Use plugin for an existing system(plugins available for most major platforms/systems) 43. Who?What?When?Where?Why?How? 44. NOW!(we launched v1.0 in March) 45. ~100,000Open Badges issued>26,000earners>700issuerstoby(May 2013 stats) 46. Coming soon... 47. Federation of badge backpacksComing soon...Image CC BY IsaacMao 48. Endorsement (3rd-party signing of badges)Federation of badge backpacksComing soon...Images CC BY IsaacMao & 49. SOME IDEASto get you started Play! Experiment! Earn your first badge to see how they work. Think up some criteria and issue a badgeto someone using Join the Open Badges community. Askquestions! Launch a pilot. What behaviours/skills/understanding are you trying to promote? 50. Conclusion Open Badges = metadata-infusedcredentials Were now at v1.0 of the OBI Lots of organisations are alreadyusing badges You can get started right now! 51. Now!On Twitter: @dajbelshawVia email: doug@mozillafoundation.orgAsk me hard questions!http://openbadges.org links: