Open Access & the Humanities

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A presentation that makes the argument that despite the fact the humanities journals' prices have not spiraled out of control, the humanities still needs to embrace open access. The first reason is that it encourages global scholarship. The second is that it showcases the value of humanities research to a skeptical public. Finally the presentation focuses on image copyright and how these expenses have hindered open access in art history specifically.

Text of Open Access & the Humanities

  • 1. Open Access & the HumanitiesAlex Watkins Art & Architecture Librarian CU Boulder Libraries

2. If theres no journal crisis, dowe need open access? 3. Pay-walls Create a dividebetween Western scholars andthe rest of the world 4. At Exactly the Time whenwe are trying to make humanities scholarshipmore global 5. OA is becoming the Globalstandard 6. Pay Walls create a dividebetween Academia and the Public 7. Which contributes to questionslike what is the value of thehumanities? 8. There are benefits tohumanities scholarship fromtearing down pay-walls 9. So we have to removethe barriersto Open Access inthe Humanities 10. Images rights are one major impediment 11. Have to effectively use fair useIs scholarly use transformativeuse? 12. Free the Public Domain 13. All images supplied by the Bridgeman Art Library arecopyrighted photographs. The Bridgeman Art Library either ownsthe copyright in the photograph or acts as the authorised agentof the copyright holder. A licence must be obtained from theLibrary before any reproduction is made or this will constitute aninfringement of copyright. It is important to note that images cancontain multiple copyrights. 14. Consultations alexander.watkins@colorado.eduWorkshopsOnline Guides 15. Photo Credits Barber, Matt. Great Wall of China, October 21, 2009. Gao, Jialiang. The old Campus of the National University of San Antonio Abad atCusco, Peru, January, 2006. Hough, Josh. Bethlehem Checkpoint, December 13, 2006. Ammon. Berlin Wall, January 1, 1990. Thimard, Raphal. Berlin 1989, Fall Der Mauer, Chute Du Mur, November 1, 1989. Liu, Min. New York City, August 13, 2006. Warman, Lara. Wall Adam Goldsworthy, November 13, 2011.