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this is of mice and men. Nothing else you need to kmow

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  • 1.Of Mice and Men By John Stienbeck

2. John Stienbeck Born: Febuary 27th 1902 in California Died at age 66 Wrote the book Of Mice and Men, Wrath of grapes and many more. Descends from Germany Was buried Salanis California cemetery. 3. Of mice and men's Vocabulary Bemused: preoccupied: How it is used in a sentence? I'm sorry Mr. McMahon I am quiet bemused at the moment. Douse: Wet something with water or liquids: How it is used in a sentence? Lennie Doused himself with liquids after he was punched in the face, so he can cool off. 4. Of mice and men Vocabulary. Stilted: Style of writing: George wrote his will in a very stilted manner. Appraise: consider in comprehensive way. John cena Appraised bray Wyatt's offer. 5. Of mice and men Vocabulary. Dabble: feed to the bottom. Lennie dabbled his big paw, in the water Cringe: To draw back in fear: Curly cringed as Lennie broke his hand. 6. Of mice and men Vocabulary Snivel: Cry of whine while snuffling. Lennie gave a little snivel after being punched in the face, by curly. Pugnacious: Tough and Callous by virtue: His glance to his apponet was very pugnacious. 7. Of mice and men Vocabulary Writhe: to move in a twisting motion. Curly wife writhed to be free from Lennie's grasp. Scuttle: An entrance equipped with a hatch. Lennie Farley scuttled out of the room. Gingerly: To have with caution. Curly stepped gingerly closer. Scoffed: Laugh with contempt. 8. Labor Works 9. FreindShip 10. American Dream