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Public Relations plan for Odyssey of the Mind, a creative competition for students of all ages.

Text of Odyssey of the Mind Public Relations Plan

  • Odyssey of the Mind Public Relations Plan Rowan University GROUP A: Cymantha Adkins, Rob Kuchera, Shannon Listman Erin McCourt, Deanna Vallejo, Terese Yale GROUP B: Andrea Jensen, Brian Kearney, Tyler Mulvey, James Roh, Lisa Santeramo, Jaclyn Tellefsen 1
  • History & Overview Odyssey of the Mind founded in 1978 by Dr. C. Samuel Micklus at Glassboro State College Creative problem-solving competition Over 24 countries involved Open to students kindergarten-college 2
  • History & Overview Five long-term problems Mechanical/Vehicle Technical Performance Classics Structure Performance State finals, National Finals, & World Finals 3
  • Global Ambition, Group A In one year, from May 2014-May 2015, OOTM wants to increase its number of schools by 10% to gain more students and volunteers. 5
  • Global Ambition, Group B Challenge of general recruiting and retaining previous volunteers for OOTM. Increase volunteerism by 25% while retaining 50% of current volunteers in each state where OOTM exists in a 12 month time frame beginning May 2014. 6
  • Primary Research, Group A Intercept Survey: Each participant described the program as a creative learning experience and a fun way for kids to get motivated. Phone Interview: Although the program is rewarding if one puts a lot of time into it, its hard for students to dedicate a large amount of time if they are committed to other programs. Face to Face Student Survey: None of the students who took the survey knew what OOTM was. 8
  • Primary Research, Group B Quantitative research in the form of online surveys distributed to three associations chosen with the help of Sam Micklus: California, New Jersey, Utah No response from NJ association 107 participants between Utah and California 100+ from California 7 from Utah Ten questions on the survey: multiple choice, likert scale and open- ended questions Most participants had little prior experience with Odyssey of the Mind Participants had a vested interest in the students Parents of students Teachers Overwhelming positivity recorded on survey for each question 9
  • Primary Research, Results Question Results: CA Results: UT Rating of volunteer experience Extremely good/quite good Extremely good/quite good Planning to volunteer in the future Yes (88%) Yes (unanimous) Level of appreciation felt as a volunteer Extremely appreciated/quite appreciated Extremely appreciated/quite appreciated Benefits of volunteering Learned management skills Seeing creations of talented/bright minds 10
  • Secondary Research OOTM Interview/initial meeting Gathered necessary information from Samuel Micklus about OOTM and corresponding issues Content Analysis: OOTM Information Packet OOTM Website News articles related to OOTM DVD 11
  • Secondary Research 12
  • Audience Must Influence Should Influence Likely to Influence Current Parents Prospective Administration Prospective Students Current Students Prospective Parents Current Teachers Current Administration Unlikely to Influence Media 14 Target audiences here. also BOLD in chart below.
  • Current Parents Current parents are most invested in their childs involvement in an extracurricular activity. Key message: OOTM and current parents would benefit from the growth an active referral program would bring. 15
  • Present Knowledge, or Attitudes or Behavior (Real State) Change Agent Message Desired R-I-C (Ideal State) Research shows current parents are extremely satisfied with the progression their children have made in Odyssey of the Mind. Referring other parents to sign their children up is beneficial to their children by helping to further develop the program. Parents will see the advantages in referring others to join the program and take action by doing so. Current Parents 16
  • Prospective School Districts School administrations are the gateway to prospective students. This audience does not recognize OOTM and the programs many advantages. Key message: OOTM provides a successful educational program that offers opportunities for both student and parent involvement. 17
  • Present Knowledge, or Attitudes or Behavior (Real State) Change Agent Message Desired R-I-C (Ideal State) Research shows school administrations want to increase student and parent engagement in extracurricular educational activities. OOTM provides a successful educational program that puts students in a competitive problem-solving environment. School districts will adopt the OOTM program after learning how students through competing in OOTM. Prospective School Districts 18
  • Prospective Students Lack of brand awareness prevents students from joining OOTM. Key message: OOTM offers a fun learning experience for students to engage in a competitive problem-solving program. 19
  • Present Knowledge, Attitudes or Behavior (Real State) Change Agent Message Desired R-I-C (Ideal State) Research shows that students are unaware of OOTM and what the program has to offer. Engage more students in the OOTM program by bringing awareness to the company and helping them understand what OOTM is. Students will join OOTM because they have a better understanding of what the program is and the success they can receive from it. Prospective Students 20
  • Audience Current volunteers Potential volunteers Alumni Past volunteers Must influence Should influence Likely to Influence Parents Current volunteers Media Alumni Unlikely to Influence Teachers Administrators Other Educators Past Volunteers Potential Volunteers Assistant Directors 22
  • Current Volunteers Current volunteers feel that there is lack of communication and organization in the volunteer program at OOTM. Key message: The success of our company and eagerness to help children become more creative thinkers relies on the foundation of your help and service. 23
  • Current Volunteers Present Knowledge, Attitudes or Behavior (Real State) Change Agent Message Desired R-I-C (Ideal State) Current volunteers only know about the program because they know someone that was involved. Branch out of word-of- mouth technique and form new ways to increase knowledge about OOTM. Current volunteers will feel inspired to spread the word about OOTM. 24
  • Past Volunteers Past volunteers had an undesirable volunteering experience with OOTM because they were unaware of the benefits. Key message: With your past experience, you can help expand the foundation of OOTM to help gain and retain the basis for volunteers. 25
  • Past Volunteers Present Knowledge, Attitudes or Behavior (Real State) Change Agent Message Desired R-I-C (Ideal State) Past volunteers are unaware of the benefits of volunteering. OOTM must increase knowledge about the volunteer program by emphasizing the benefits. Past volunteers will understand the benefits and may be more willing to volunteer again in the future. 26
  • Alumni Alumni can help to influence potential volunteers and act as third-party endorsers for the program. Key message: Your personal experiences with potential volunteers can help us influence potential volunteers to build further success for the future of the company. 27
  • Alumni Present Knowledge, Attitudes or Behavior (Real State) Change Agent Message Desired R-I-C (Ideal State) Alumni are familiar with OOTM and the logistics of the program from both the volunteer and participant perspectives. OOTM has to influence alumni to come back and get involved ensuring them the benefits. Alumni will feel a sense of achievement by helping OOTM succeed. 28
  • Channels Print Digital Other Direct mail Newsletter Local newspapers Information packets Brochures Fact sheets Hand outs Website DVD Social media platforms Email newsletters YouTube Channel Special Events Face-to-face Phone Calls Monthly Calendar sign-ups Meetings Radio 30
  • Competition Destination Imaginati