Nobel Prize 2014 (Nobel Peace Prize for Tunisian Democracy Group )

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The Nobel PrizeNobel PrizeThe Nobel Prize is a set of annual internationalawards bestowed in a number of categories bySwedish and Norwegian committees in recognition ofacademic, cultural and/or scientific advances.The will of the Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel established the prizes in 1895.The prizes in Chemistry, Literature, Peace, Physics, and Physiology or Medicine were first awarded in 1901.Nobel Peace Prize for Tunisian Democracy GroupTunisian Democracy GroupNational Dialogue Quartet made "decisivecontribution to the building of a pluralistic democracyin Tunisia", jury says.The Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet - ademocracy group - has been awarded the 2015 NobelPeace Prize for "its decisive contribution to thebuilding of a pluralistic democracy", the NorwegianNobel Committee has announced.The group of four organizations established "analternative, peaceful political process at a time whenthe country was on the brink of civil war", thecommittee said on Friday, referring to the periodfollowing Tunisia's 2011 revolution.The National Dialogue Quartet is made up of fourkey organizations in Tunisian civil society: the Tunisian General Labor Union; the TunisianConfederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts; theTunisian Human Rights League; and the TunisianOrder of Lawyers.The jury cited the group for "its decisive contributionto the building of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisiain the wake of the Jasmine Revolution of 2011". "The Nobel Peace Prize for 2015 is awarded to thisQuartet, not to the four individual organizations assuch," the committee said.Thank You