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    Presented by: AakashBalaji, Jacob Wilson, Tom Hickey, and Anish Tailor.

2. What We Are About

  • Next Gen Cup is no ordinary drinking utensil. 3. It is the spearhead on the cutting edge of drinking technology. 4. We have modified an ordinary plastic cup with our patent pending high grade technology and materials.

Integrated Cooler

  • The first addition to our cup is an integrated cooler. 5. It is a built-in cylindrical compartment in the center of the cup. 6. The compartment holds crushed ice to aid in cooling your drink while not allowing the melting ice to mix with your drink. 7. When you are finished with your drink, you simply open the lid of the cylinder and pour the extra water out.

The Cup Itself
The cup is made of the worlds best stainless steel and been chemically altered to not add a metallic taste in your mouth.
8. Addition # 2 A Snack Pouch

  • The cup will come with a attachable refined cow skin pouch to keep small snacks such as cookies. 9. In order to attach the pouch simply tighten the string on the pouch around the cup. 10. The pouch closes when tightens enough to prevent spilling of snacks but is open enough for someone to reach in and get some.

Snack Pouch

  • The pouch is made to be resistant to most liquids, so you dont have to worry about damaging it.

Cup Bonus! Snap On Top!

  • The cup also comes with a snap on suction lid which uses the power of suction to keep itself in place and your drink from spilling!

Cup Material

  • The cup will be made of sturdy stainless steel. 11. The cylinder would be made of stainless-steel, so it transmits temperature well. 12. Since the cooler is welded to the cup its will not move around. 13. The main materials used to make the cup and attachments are steel, cow skin, plastic, and rubber.

Overall Design
The cup has a modern or futuristic look to it with a cylindrical cooler down the center. it also comes with a suction lid made of plastic pyramid top, modeled from the style of the 80s and light rubber suction bottom. Furthermore it comes with an old school, cowboy style attachable pouch to round off its look.
14. Our Building Process

  • First we identified our problem. The cup is lame. 15. Second we brainstormed solutions. Built-in fan, cup carrying mechanical dinosaur etc. 16. Third we narrowed our choices and picked a few of the best. 17. Finally we drew up our sketches to finalize our thoughts and ideas on the modifications. 18. This process helped us create the Next Gen Cup.

The Engineering Mindset
What does it mean to be an engineer?

  • Being an engineer also means being a free thinker, a creator, a problem solver, a critical thinker etc. 19. It is all those traits and more that create the new ideas that shape the future of technology for mankind. 20. The magnitude of the creation is up to the engineers passion and creativity.

The End

  • And once in a while an engineer gets the spark of brilliance that can lead to an innovation of explosive proportions!!!!

Our cup blows away the competition!!!!!