New Year's Resolutions

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2. school In 2010 I will study more_________ I wont talk to my partner__________ I may smile in class________ I mightparticipate in class________ 3. family I will do my housework_________ I wont be vague_________ I may set the table________ I might do the laundry_________ 4. I will eat more vegetables and fruits I wont eat junk food__________ I may eat fruit for breakfast________ I might eat a salad_________ 5. friends I will meet new friends _________ I wont be alone __________ I may meet more than one ________ I might meet a lot of people_________ 6. money I will spend my money in more books_________ I wont buy more things like videogames,etc__________ I may buy the last Harry Potters book________ I might buy a full set of books_________ 7. TV I will watch less TV _________ I wont watch the TV all day__________ I may do other things like playing football ________ I might watch only the news_________ 8. environment I will walk to school_________ I wont take the car__________ I may make a protestI might recycle ________ 9. hobbies I will practise some sports_________ I wont be a vague I may do footing I might play football and volleyball_________ 10. english I will speak more English in class_________ I wont be quiet__________ I may be one more American ________ I might speak at home________ _