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Nepal Leadership Conference Chitwan Report

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The Opening Session

UPF-Asia President Dr. Chung Sik Yong (L) And Rt. Hon. Vice-President Parmanand Jha

Singing the National Anthem

Chief Guest: Vice-President Parmanand Jha

Top leaders from the military forces attended

Wecome Remarks by DIGP Gyanendra Bikram Mahat (Ret.)

Vice-President Jha (L) with Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, MP

UPF-Asia Pres. Dr. Yong delivers his Keynote Address.

Hon. Dhakal (L) with Hon. Narayan Dahal.

Members of the military forces in the audience

Members of the Nepal Police in the audience

Overflowing attendance

Nepal Activities 2011 by Rev. Binod Dangi

Principles of Peace by Dr. Robert Kittel

Conflict Resolution by Mr. Richell Jalipa

AFP: 1008 Swami Gyana Nanda Saraswoti

AFP: Hon. Narayan Dahal, CA Member

AFP: Mr. Ganesh Raj Karki, Chief District Officer

AFP: Lt. Col. Jyotendra Mahat

AFP: SP Bhupal Kumar Bhandari

AFP: Mr. Bishnu Hari Rimal

AFP: Yogi Yadu Nath Pokhrel

AFP: Mr. Tanka Nath Poudel

AFP: Mr. Sandeep Mahat

AFP: Mr. Subodh Pradhan

AFP: Mr. Pankaj Agrawal

AFP: Mr. Bahadur Singh Gurung

AFP: Cpt. Tham Bahadur Pun

AFP: Mr. Bal Bikram Thapa

AFP: Mr. Suresh Kumar Adhikari

AFP: Mr. Rajendra Kumar Piya

More than 250 participants attended

Congratulatory Remarks by Hon. Narayan Dahal

Vote of Thanks by Mr. N.S. Gajurel

Chief Guests Remarks: Vice-President Rt. Hon. Parmanand Jha

Closing Remarks by Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, MP