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  • In the name of ALLAHthe Most Beneficent! and the Most Merciful


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  • Lets see how the world sees English?

  • Did you Know?

  • Did you Know?Teaching English since 2001.

    Trained hundreds of teachers.

    Trained thousands of professionals from Schools, Colleges, Universities, Banks, NGOs, MNCs and Govt. Organizations.

    Written 10 very popular English Language books.

  • Courses and BooksFluent SpokenPhoneticsB@sic EnglishIELTS RegularHSC EnglishJob CourseVocabularyJSC Bullet English CourseBCSNatur@l SpokenIELTS Private CareSSC Bullet EnglishAdvanced Spoken

  • wewUwfi gnvcwiPvjKi nvZ _K cyivi MnY KiQbNazrul Sir

  • Golden Book Award receiving ceremony at Press Club!

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  • Coursesby Nazul Sir

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  • Whats the Natural Process of Learning a language?

  • The Natur@l Way of learning a language

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  • Nazul-B GKgv cwZvb hLvb Beginners Level _K Advance Level ch BsiwR kLvi myevev AvQ|

  • 2. Nazul-B GKgv cwZvb hv mivmwi Nazul Sir -KZK cwiPvwjZ, whwb:B@sic EnglishNatur@l SpokenFluent SpokenWriting300 Common Mistakes in English3000 Essential Words-Gi jLK, Ges Teachers Trainer.

  • 3. Nazul-B GKgv cwZvb hvK evsjv`ki Largest Private College Tejgaon College-Gi 17 nvRvi wkv_xi English Skills improve Kivbvi `vwqZ `qv nqQ|

  • 4. Nazul-B Pioneer in IELTS Private Care

  • 5.eZgvb Nazul Sir-Gi wbR nvZ Mov kZ kZ wkK mviv `kevwc wewfb bvg Kiv cwZvb mybvgi mv_ BsiwR kLvQ|

  • Nazul Sir-Gi jLv eB Ges ZviB wbR nvZ Mov wkK`i viv wbgwjwLZ zj-KjRi Teacher-Student-`i English-Gi Dci Uwbs c`vb Kiv nqQ/nQ:Cant. Public Girls School & College, Dhaka Cant. Public Girls School & College, SavarCant. Public School & College, MymemsinghShabuj Kanon School & College, Shirajgonj Grameen Caledonian College of Nursing.Bangladesh International SchoolChetona Model Academy, Mirpur-2Sabdar Ali Scholars School

  • Nazul Sir

  • Lets see how easily we can learn English throughInstitute of Career Development!

  • BEwill beam/is/arewas/wereImprovement+I+- a student- fine/happy- at NazulYouHe

  • shall/will be*am/is/arewas/wereBE = BE means nIqv, _vKv, Aev, Aevb


    ua teacher/businessman


    wat home/at Nazul

    xfaster than him

    ylearning English


    {to go to Nazul

    to have gone.

  • Assalamu Alaikum,Well, my names_______.Im ____years old.Im from ____.Basically, Im a student and Im studying ____ at ______.My fathers a _________ and my mothers a ___________.Ive _______ brothers and ________sisters.I love reciting the Holly Quraan and reading Hadis.My future plans to be a better MuslimPlease pray for me to follow the path of Muhammad (pbuh).Thats it for toady!Allah Hafez!

  • We are @Corporate Branch:Mirpur-1FarmgateMirpur-10BarisalBhola