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My Magazine Pitch

My Magazine PitchSub GenreSub genre= pop musicPop is a mainstream market and so appeals to a wide audience of people, making it a very profitable market. I feel theres a gap in the UK market for a more sophisticated and mature style than current pop magazinesInspiration from Billboard MagazineI decided to do this sub genre because its what I have most knowledge in and so I can relate to readers and make something theyd want to read

Possible InstitutionProbably a large scale institution company, e.g. The Bauer Media CompanyWhy? More money available and contacts to ensure the magazine is publicised globally. If it was a small independent company it might not get the recognition and well known artists wouldnt want to appear in it. Would be more suitable more for a niche market product.Such an institution would be interested in my magazine because it would stand out in the UK market. It isnt another girly teen magazine, but still focuses on pop music. It will be unlike any magazines they currently publish, so they would be interested in reaching a different target audience and making more money.

Target AudienceProbably females C2- ELate teens to early twenties..16-24Not on a high income. Probably only part time, low paid jobs. Interests: Pop music ConcertsFilms Friends TravellingMore interested in the music than the gossip and celebrity culture.

Either in education (college/university) or justfinishedMainstreamers they are the norm in society who follow the crowd. But I know they probably would think of themselves as individualists

5Style IdeasColours- black and white to connote sophistication. Some bursts of bright colour for contrast and to add interestMode of address- fairly informal and chatty but no use of slang- too similar to typical teen magazinesImages- need to be bright and bold to draw attention. Background fairly plain to make artist stand out as thats what really matersContentIt will cover current pop music artists mainly in the UK but also some international, mainly top 40. E.g. Ella Henderson and Ed Sheeran. But also less well known artists who are up and coming. It will cover this music in the following content:Interviews with popular artistsNew and upcoming artists Songs to look out forUK chartsReviews of albumsCompetitionsFree music (e.g. downloads or CDs)

DPS IdeasMain headline at the top of the left page. Big and bold to attract attentionRight page solely dedicated to a big, bright image. Make the spread visually interesting, not just text. Interview with an established act who have a new album out or tour starting. Could give track names/tour dates.Questions wont be too personal, more asking about their music and life as a pop star. Example questions Why did you become a singer?2. Whats new about your album?3. What are your musical interests?Name IdeasTune inOn The BeatTurn it UpLouderDynamic

Questions (Please answer)Would a more sophisticated magazine appeal to you? Do you think theres a gap in the market for this?Which of my suggested names do you think is the best? Or do you have one of your own?What sort of content would you expect to see in a music magazine?Should the mode of address be informal or not? And why?What do you think of my suggested colour scheme? Does it seem appropriate for a pop magazine?What price bracket would you be prepared to pay for such a magazine as described?