My German Experience

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  • 1. My German Experience
    Alex Hurley

2. Overview
Introduction to the Program
My course
Experiences while abroad
Career goals/Academic Leadership
Wrap up
3. K.I.I.S.
What is K.I.I.S.?
Kentucky Based
Non-Profit Consortium of Colleges and Universities
Wide variety of courses offered
Taught by professors from Kentucky
4. The German Enlightenment
Philosophy, Music, Architecture, Literature
17th Century Early 19th Century
Classroom sessions supported by excursions
Jewish Museum, Sanssouci, Reichstag, Don Giovanni, German History Museum, Holocaust Memorial
5. Jewish Museum
6. The Sansoucci Palace
7. Sachsenhausen
8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Reflection
Helped to solidify my German Education
Still much to learn though!
Exposure to Europe
Politics, History, Culture
Encouraged my interest in International Relations
14. Career Goals
Explore and understand different solutions to our worlds problems and issues
Experience the mindset of different cultures
Past and present influences
Continue to challenge my comfort zone
15. Academic Leadership
Opportunity to expand academic skills
Critical thinking and writing, analysis, general knowledge
Kants philosophy
Ideas and their impact
16. Thank You!