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  • 1. Stephanie Iannitelli The Bulletin Board Process My bulletin board was created on November 29 th , 2010. Students designed cinquain poems that had a winter theme.

2. What is a cinquain poem?

  • Cinquain Poem Five lined poem where each line has a special structure
  • Line 1 Noun (Topic of the poem)
  • Line 2 2 Words Adjectives (describes the noun)
  • Line 3 3 Words Verbs; ing words telling about the
  • noun/topic
  • Line 4 4 Word phrase about the noun/topic
  • Line 5 1 Word synonym for the noun in Line 1


  • Students Assignment:
  • Create a Cinquain Poem that has a Winter theme
  • Draft the poem on a separate sheet
  • Transfer their draft on special paper shaped like a snowflake
  • Add illustrations

4. Students At Work 5. Students At Work 6. Some Finished Examples 7. Bulletin Board Setup Step 1: Put up background (the hardest part if you are doing this by yourself) Step 2: Put up border 8. Bulletin Board Setup Step 3: Add decorations (in my case, it is paper snowflakes) 9. Bulletin Board Setup Step 4: Begin to staple up students work 10. Bulletin Board Setup Step 5: Add title 11. Bulletin Board Setup Step 6: Add the task 12. Bulletin Board Setup Step 7: Stand back and view your masterpiece

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