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<ul><li> 1. Top Tips </li></ul> <p> 2. The Task Package: album (digipack), website, music video 100 marks: research and planning 20, video 40, digipack 10, website 10, evaluation 20 3. Plan for everything Storyboard- you can always shoot extra Plan people, places, props, costumes Get everyones mobile numbers Aim to shoot it early, not up against deadline Make sure your performers have rehearsed and know the words 4. MUSIC VIDEO TIMELINE TASK Using the TIMELINE SHEETS, breakdown your MUSIC TRACK into verses, chorus, instrumental parts, key phrases and sounds - (USE COLOURS to help differentiate the parts). Once you have deconstructed the track - start to annotate the timeline explaining which part of the song is accompanied by what type of visuals. 5. know your equipment Do test shots to try out effects Check any quirks of the camera Make sure you have tripod (and shoe) Is the disk loaded ? experiment with edit program before the main thing Have you got the music and an audible source? 6. the shoot Shoot the performance at least ten times all the way through with different set-ups Make sure you have plenty of cutaways Experiment with extra angles and lighting changes Dont forget: lots of close-ups ! Enthuse your performers- they must give it plenty! Shoot more than you think you will need 7. the edit Synch up performances first Get the whole picture rather than tiny detail Cut and cut again Aim for a dynamic piece of work Do any effects work last Upload a rough cut to your blog and get feedback 8. look elsewhere for tips petesmediablog Cranford school wix Latymer school websites, digipacks and videos Hurtwood media Islington Sixth Form 9. Text 10. 11. 12. 13. Hurtwood blogs http://hurtwoodmedia12beesupavarasuwat.blogs 14. 15. Good Housekeeping tidy desktop storage of footage labelling files tidy blog 16. Evidence 1 real music videos real music videos of your genre any visuals that have influenced you (films, TV, adverts, music videos, photos) steal-o-matic costume photos, location photos, test shots 17. Evidence 2 real album covers real band websites early exercises designing album covers changes to your designs- screengrabs show how it is a package 18. Random ALBUM COVER exercise Step 1: Go to: The title of the first random Wikipedia article you get is the NAME of your band. Step 2: Go to: The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the TITLE of your album. Step 3: Go to: The third picture, no matter what it is, is the COVER of your album. Step 4: Use Photoshop to put it altogether and design the front and back cover of the album. [Photoshop canvas size: H 12 cm x W 24 cm / 300 dpi] Step 5: Upload your finished album artwork to Flickr 19. Re-makes 20. Evidence 3 student music videos, digipacks and websites with comments photos and clips throughout storyboard and animatic of your video plan 21. Evidence 4 rough cuts of your video screengrabs of your edit in progress behind the scenes regular commentary on what you are doing feedback from your peers 22. when to do website/digipack in parallel, NOT at the end! taking photos for later use having lots of extra ideas can do more than one design within the group 23. Your blogs so far: strengths Lots of posts (some 40, several 20+) Illustrations Depth and detail Sense of journey 24. Your blogs so far: weaknesses few posts (some 11 or fewer!!!) Not enough planning evidence yet sharing posts of others in the group Danger of getting hung up on the original artist Some tracks very long 25. Advice Get in role and simulate real practice- twitter feed? If it doesnt work, change it!- dont be precious Pay attention to costume, makeup, hair, lighting, camera movement Maybe reduce reliance on location Rework blogs so more INDIVIDUAL (label group posts as GROUP?) Aim for 100 posts Get the three elements underway in parallel CONCEPT not STORY 26. Group choices Ed Sheeran- hard to sustain + one of most frequently chosen artists at A level Lana Del Rey- performer? Lengthslow song Get Cape- edit faster than original + include performance Rifles- good choice for pacey performance video Ellie- forget the Skins video! 27. Group choices 2 Bastille- good pace, look for some fast edits Donovan- retro is hard, song is long, intertextual opportunities to ref 1960s? Paramore- good possibilities but forget the bands image! Emili Sande- very hard for performer- must be very strong! Forget her image, look at other solo soul type singers 28. finished student videos </p>