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MUSIC VIDEO ANALYSIS Love More – Chris Brown ft Nicki Minaj

Music video analysis

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love more analysis

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  • 1. MUSIC VIDEOANALYSISLove More Chris Brown ft Nicki Minaj

2. Props & CostumesIn this shot we see a close up of the artisttrainers. This is iconographical of thegenre as the artist is wearing modernshoes that are very popular in hip/hopgenre scene. By wearing these pairs oftrainers the artist is getting respect andpopularity with the Hip/Hop Genre.In this shot we see a mid shot of the artist clothesFrom the torso upwards. The artist is wearing aUnbutton Shirt, chain and a hat. This could be Set a trend as unbutton shirts aren't veryFashionable. 3. Location & SettingsIn This shot the location is the main protagonists arrivingTo the Club. Is has a lot of the stylistic conventions thatA stereotypical club would look like, for example weSee the bold lights, dark environment and people waitingOutside queuing. This appeals to the audience as it veryRealistic.In this shot we see the artist performing in the club. SomeOf the similar conventions these include is multi colouredStrobe lights, large groups of people dancing. HoweverThe artist is placed in the middle of the shot in space toshow his authority and to show he is the center ofAttention.Similar to the previous shot this is also showing the artistIn the same club. The Camera angle is positioned belowThe artist to demonstrate his dominance. 4. Iconography of the genreThis video is very iconographical of its genre as ithas some of the key stylistic conventions of aHip/Hop genre video. For example the outfits, thepace of editing and the location are very popularin this particular genre. For instance a artist maywear loads of chains and fashionable clothes thatare popular to a fan base of a specific genre in avideo to show his wealth and gain popularity. Weknow this as in other videos produced within thesame genre with similar artist such as Drakealso use some of these stylistic conventions withinhis music videos. 5. EditingIn this particular music video the editing is veryfast pace between shots, this is to ensure thatthe club settings is realistic. For example itcuts from different energetic dance moves tomake the club look more lively. This appeals tothe audience as it firstly looks more realisticand is more enjoyable to watch as it ismomentarily capturing their attention. 6. HybridisationThis music video is a hybridisation ofperformance and narrative. This is because itshows the story of a group of friends arriving toa club and having a good time. It is alsoperformance as the artist has incorporateddance routines.