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Anaylisis of a professional music video - Chris brown ft Jusin beiber - NEXT 2 YOU

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The Messengers are a Grammy nominated Canadian song writing and production team currently based in Los Angeles, California. The duo consists of singer/lyricist Nasri Atweh and multi-instrumentalist/arranger Adam Messinger.They have created with/for artists such as Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Michael Bolton, JoJo, Jason Derulo, Iyaz, Kris Allen and Vanessa


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Release Date: March 22, 2011

Target audience: Teenage Girls and boys and people in early 20’s –

same age as singers.

The music video for "Next 2 You" was directed by Colin Tilley and filmed at the Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

Record label

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Lip -syncing and close ups are relevant in this video to show of the singer’s emotions. In this video they use a lot of special effects, to capture the audience’s attention. The costumes they use in this video are relevant to the fashion in this year 2011, and are based around the shadowy set, they are both in black and greys to blend in with the scenery. Both the singer’s performances are mostly acting as they play a role in the film that’s going on behind the song. The star performer in this is Chris Brown so the camera shots are focused on him and he is also the main character in the film.

4:47 – This is a choreographed scene

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In this music video, there is a main storyline and a clear middle beginning and end. The characters play a role in the story behind the music as well as being the main singers in the song it’s a very creative idea.

The video begins with Brown and Bieber interacting with their girlfriends. Bieber's love interest is removed by her father, who reprimands, "You will never see him again. You got that?"

Chris brown is thinking of his girlfriend (played by Shannon Elizabeth) before the apocalypse occurs, which is characterized by land cracking and buildings toppling down in a fiery scenery. Brown searches for his love interest who is then hit by a car. Brown saves her by leaping over the huge crack in the road. The video closes with the two couples reuniting. Interspersed are scenes of Brown and Bieber dancing amongst the destruction.

There is also a story behind the story, of what there life's were like before this happened

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Filmed at the Universal Studios in Los Angeles,1718 and upper Manhattan.

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Necklace , cars , mobile phone

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The lighting in this video is all natural, and there is no artificial lighting. The storm above them is CGI and is not real, this makes the effect of the storm much more stronger. There is more natural lighting from the burning cars and flames – this gives the whole scene a more realistic image.

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There are a lot of Close ups used in the video – these show the singers emotion and there facial expressions. Pans are used to show the devastation caused by the storm and get a whole perspective on what is happening.

Framing – When we are first introduced to the girl at 1:03 she is framed in a door way. picture

There are a lot of quick cuts to show that this is fast moving and it shows the panic and the rush that the people are in,

Zooms are also key in this video as they zoom into the singers faces

There are a lot of wide angle shots to show the scenery and the views of the location

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There are two main characters in this production but the main focus is on Chris brown as he sings the most in this song and the song was made for him. Justin is more like a back up singer although he still has some main parts in the song. They both represent normal people in everyday life yet going through a catastrophe. You can see that they are very determined characters and nothing will get in there way to stop them finding there girlfriends.

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The song debuted at number ten on the Hot Digital Songs chart in the US, and therefore consecutively appeared at number twenty-six on the Hot 100.15 The following week, the song fell to number ninety before falling off the chart the next week.15 On the Canadian Hot 100, it debuted at number thirty-six, and spent one week on the chart. In the United Kingdom, after the release of F.A.M.E., "Next 2 You" appeared at number forty-nine. It spent one week on the chart. After being released as a single, it appeared on the chart again and eventually peaked at number 14.

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What makes this so successful as a genre is because it’s a typical example of pop music with the upbeat tempo and the cheesy pop lines. It has a hook that makes the song really catchy, it also appeals to people with girlfriends/boyfriends and its a love song and love songs are very popular.