Music Magazine survey Evaluation

Music magazine survey

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Music Magazine survey


Age and Gender

100 per cent of participants who took part in my survey were 16-20 years old. This is useful as it suggests to me the majority of

people who are interested in music magazines are younger adults and teens.

This will be helpful when I’m figuring out a target audience for my magazine. It also

shows the majority of people who took part in the survey were female. I will probably

make a magazine with this in mind and also take into account the other answers they

have given me.


There were a wide range of results for this question. This makes it hard to

decide what genre to base my magazine on. On here the most popular one was pop. This is good as pop could cover a range of different artists who could appeal to a range of different people not just my target audience.

About my participantsThere are so many different

comments on what people enjoy doing in their spare time. Most

people however do mention they enjoy listening to music which is

helpful as it tells me that I can use the additional information they

provide to base my music magazine on. They also mention

they enjoy going shopping, which could give me an idea to include

clothes advertisements and fashion columns like many current

music magazines already do.

How often?

The survey results show that most of the participants never buy music magazines.

This will just mean that I have to make my magazine more appealing to a wider audience to get as many people as

possible wanting to buy it. However, 11% buy music magazines at least once a moth,

with some buying them up to 5 times a month. Therefore I think I will release the magazine I design monthly, at reasonable


Do they buy music magazines repeatedly?

Most of my participants said they don’t buy a music magazine

repeatedly. This means I will have to make my magazine different to those already in the market, to

make my target audience want to buy it repeatedly. One respondents answer was that they buy Kerrang repeatedly, so I should look at the

content and aspects of that magazine for ideas for my own.

What do they buy them for?My research shows that the majority of survey participants, 77.8%, buy music

magazines for the entertainment. However some readers do enjoy the information that they give. This helps

me with ideas of content. They also said that their favourite part of the

magazine is the interviews, quizzes, posters and activates, with the

interviews being most popular. I will need to consider all of these

conventions when pitching my magazine so that it appeals to as many

people as possible.

How much would they pay?

I had a range of results for this question. Because I want to release my magazine

once a moth I think I will charge £2.75 for my magazine. This figure fits in with the

most popular price range of £2+, so this will encourage my target audience to buy my

magazine more.

Like, dislike and want to see more of in a music magazine

Interviews and articles came up a lot, in things that my participants

liked about music magazines. People would like to see more

genuine interviews with more well known celebrities in the music

industry. They’d like to see more of competitions and event