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1. By Nicole 2. On Google Play ARTPOP - a Lady GaGa app is described as a musical and visual engineering system that combines music, art, fashion, and technology with a new interactive worldwide community - "the auras". This phase 1 version includes an interactive video experience with the interface of the application, Petga, along with a 3D modelling tool that allows users to create multi- media GIFs to communicate through visuals. As an application for Android and iOS compatible mobile devices, ARTPOP aims to be accessible worldwide. Overall this app involves sharing content, building their own projects and communicating with other Lady Gaga fans within a virtual community. Due to the increasing popularity of social games and bespoke social networking sights, music apps have become a popular way for artist to provide extra content for their fans. This interactive experience is an interesting form of new technology however it is very expensive and takes a long time to develop. 3. ARTPOP allows users to listen to the app directly with the application, however in order to unlock this feature users are required to validate their ARTPOP purchase. In addition to this , Petga is a virtual assistant he will guide them through the creation process of an "aura" which is required to have in order to access the other features. Each user has their own individual aura, which will change over time as they take part in various activities in the application. This app has been highly successful as it allows users to personalise some of the content 4. Music game app similar to guitar hero in which the player has to tap each of the coloured balls to the beat of the song. Music video app were users can watch their favourite artist videos. Streaming music app.Karaoke app. Radio app which plays music of the folk, country and singer-songwriter genre.