Multiple missing teeth replacement in 3 days with dental implants

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  • 1. Patient came with the complaint of difficulty in chewing and eating due to multiple missing teeth

2. Right side view of the patient `s upper & lower arch shows multiple missing posterior teeth 3. Left side view also shows many missing back teeth 4. Occlusal view of the upper arch 5. Occlusal view of the lower jaw 6. Single piece immediate loading BCS implants place in the upper jaw by flapless approach 7. Likewise , BCS implants placed in the lower jaw 8. Right side view of the implants in upper arch 9. Left side view showing implants placed in the upper & lower jaw 10. Permanent PFM crowns were cemented in 3 days . 11. Right side view showing the PFM crowns 12. For more Information Log onto: For further details or enquiries mail us to Contact us at +9171515077 / 044- 43856017