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2. My Childhood

  • Born: July 5, 1977 in Mooreland, Oklahoma
  • Parents: Kitty & Rocky
  • Siblings: Levi

3. Personality Traits

  • From my dad:
    • Generous, kind, sensitive, smart, overly-descriptive, musical
  • From my mom:
    • Artistic, creative, serious, worrisome, funny

4. Physical Traits

  • From my dad:
    • Red, curly hair, two webbed toes on each foot, green eyes, and my nose.
  • From my mom:
    • Freckles, round face, pretty teeth, short stature, and my long finger-nail beds.

5. Personal Background

  • My dads family:
    • Grandpas Irish family (Ferrell) came to Kansas to grow wheat.
    • Grandmas Scottish family (McDonald) came to Oklahoma during the land run.
    • My dad grew up on a farm, raising wheat and cattle.He was a Marine in the Vietnam war and had to scout the enemys location for the troops.Now, he is a chiropractor in Perry, Oklahoma and Alva, Oklahoma.

6. Photo Album 7. Personal Background

  • My moms family:
    • Grandmas German family (Sewell) came to Oklahoma during the Land Run.I have a trunk they used to carry their belongings while they traveled in the wagons.
    • I do not know much about my Grandpas family (Jordan).
    • My mom lived on a farm in Oklahoma and attended a one-room school house until she was in the fourth grade, when her family moved into town.Now, she helps my dad in the chiropractic offices.

8. Photo Album 9. Significance of My Family

  • My family is important because we helped settle some of the towns in Oklahoma and Kansas in the 1800s.We contributed to the agriculture of the country, making wheat and raising cattle for food and clothing.
  • Because my family comes from a small, family-oriented farm town, I make it a mission to care for strangers as though they were a part of my family too.
  • I love learning about new countries and hearing different languages because I was not exposed to them while I was growing up in Oklahoma and Kansas.

10. Oklahoma Historical Society Archives Photo; original by William S. Prettyman, 10 seconds after the gun. 11. Biggest Obstacle

  • My familys biggest obstacle was finding new career paths after Great-grandpa Ferrell passed away.His 12 children eventually had to stop growing wheat because they were not making enough money to support their families.My Grandpa Ferrell decided to raise cattle in the 1970s but went bankrupt in the early 1980s due to the industry.
  • Now, our biggest obstacle is staying connected and close.Most of the family lives all over the country and has little time to travel to the tiny Oklahoma farm town, even for our family reunions during the summer.

12. Photo Album 13. Customs and Traditions

  • All sides of my family have a special family reunion once a year or once every two years.Sometimes, its confusing to know which side of the family Im visiting because the Joys and Ferrells mix their reunions from time to time.

14. 15. Customs and Traditions

  • Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, my moms family comes together at my Grandma Leonas to celebrate these American holidays.

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