Moving From Newsletters to Blogs: Increasing Parent and Student Engagement

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From Newsletters to Blogs

Increasing Parent and Student Engagement

A conversation for #ECOO12October 25, 2012

by Erin Paynter

About Me

Teacher and VP at Elizabeth Park PS in Ottawa (ErHead)

Wife, motherChris, Adrienne and Alex

I'm a lot of things but...

Photo Caption

Let's create the agenda together!

What do you want to talk about?

What questions do you have?

Paper airplane activity

Modification: snowballs

reflective of current times interactive time and resources (green) easily accessible for most backpack black holes dynamic and flexible

Why blog?

Use the hashtags

#n2blogs and #ecoo12

to share your thoughts

Why do you blog, or why do you want to?

Out of the mouths of babes...

information sharing spark discussion digital citizenship engagement connect and network transparency (school, classroom) audience

Determine your purpose

Blogging Sites

Blogging Sites that are

Teacher Moderated

The Falcon's Nest

Glen Cairn Public School

Aviva Dunsiger (@avivaloca)Michelle Horst (@Michelle_Horst)Joelle Ruddick (@joelleruddick)Pernille Ripp (@pernilleripp)Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher)And the list goes on and on... and probably includes many of you!

A few of the many teachers who blog with their students...

Paynter ETFI

Using and citing images

Let's build this together in

Google Docs here

or go to #n2blogs on

Twitter for link

Do's and Don't's

media release teacher moderation search engines -


Safety for Students

Internet safety digital citizenship student blogging


Safety for Students

student engagement teacher feedback vs "out

there" global citizen/audience multiple modalities student as lead learner

Increasing Engagement

parent engagement transparency "What did you learn at school today?" interactive parent as co-learner/co-leader parent as client, or parent as partner?

Increasing Engagement

anecdotal feedback from parents nature of our conversations have

changed parent council - 6 to 30 attendance at events has increased added challenge unique to our site

- new school

Parent Engagement at EPPS

interacting vs transmitting

the techie stuff

teacher engagement

Things I'm still working on...

Let's open the floor:

your successes and challenges

anything you would do differently?


What about you?

for those that haven't started one and would like to explore with the support of others

for those that would like to tweak existing site(s) with the support of others

Make and Take Time

Shannon Smith (@shannoninottawa) for inspiring me to submit a proposal for #ECOO12.

Everyone at #ECOO12 - Brenda Sherry, Peter Skillen, Doug Peterson, Andrew Forgrave, Cal Armstrong, and more for the support.

Joelle Ruddick (@joelleruddick), Cathy Beach (@beachcat11), Lino De Gasperis (@LinoDeGasperis), and Lisa Donohue (@Lisa_Donohue) for the feedback.

And last but not least YOU for participating and sharing.

Many thanks to:


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