Moving From Newsletters to Blogs: Increasing Parent and Student Engagement

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<p>From Newsletters to Blogs</p> <p>Increasing Parent and Student Engagement</p> <p>A conversation for #ECOO12October 25, 2012</p> <p>by Erin Paynter</p> <p>About Me</p> <p>Teacher and VP at Elizabeth Park PS in Ottawa</p> <p> (ErHead)</p> <p>Wife, motherChris, Adrienne and Alex</p> <p>I'm a lot of things but...</p> <p>Photo Caption</p> <p>Let's create the agenda together!</p> <p>What do you want to talk about?</p> <p>What questions do you have?</p> <p>Paper airplane activity</p> <p>Modification: snowballs</p> <p> reflective of current times interactive time and resources (green) easily accessible for most backpack black holes dynamic and flexible</p> <p>Why blog?</p> <p>Use the hashtags </p> <p>#n2blogs and #ecoo12 </p> <p>to share your thoughts </p> <p>Why do you blog, or why do you want to?</p> <p>Out of the mouths of babes...</p> <p> information sharing spark discussion digital citizenship engagement connect and network transparency (school, classroom) audience</p> <p>Determine your purpose</p> <p>Blogging Sites</p> <p>Blogging Sites that are </p> <p>Teacher Moderated</p> <p>The Falcon's Nest</p> <p>Glen Cairn Public School</p> <p>Aviva Dunsiger (@avivaloca)Michelle Horst (@Michelle_Horst)Joelle Ruddick (@joelleruddick)Pernille Ripp (@pernilleripp)Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher)And the list goes on and on... and probably includes many of you!</p> <p>A few of the many teachers who blog with their students...</p> <p>Paynter ETFI</p> <p>Using and citing images</p> <p>Let's build this together in</p> <p>Google Docs here </p> <p>or go to #n2blogs on</p> <p>Twitter for link</p> <p>Do's and Don't's</p> <p> media release teacher moderation search engines - </p> <p>visible?</p> <p>Safety for Students</p> <p> Internet safety digital citizenship student blogging </p> <p>resources</p> <p>Safety for Students</p> <p> student engagement teacher feedback vs "out </p> <p>there" global citizen/audience multiple modalities student as lead learner</p> <p>Increasing Engagement</p> <p> parent engagement transparency "What did you learn at school today?" interactive parent as co-learner/co-leader parent as client, or parent as partner?</p> <p>Increasing Engagement</p> <p> anecdotal feedback from parents nature of our conversations have </p> <p>changed parent council - 6 to 30 attendance at events has increased added challenge unique to our site </p> <p>- new school </p> <p>Parent Engagement at EPPS</p> <p> interacting vs transmitting</p> <p> the techie stuff</p> <p> teacher engagement </p> <p>Things I'm still working on...</p> <p>Let's open the floor:</p> <p> your successes and challenges</p> <p> anything you would do differently?</p> <p> ______________</p> <p>What about you?</p> <p> for those that haven't started one and would like to explore with the support of others</p> <p> for those that would like to tweak existing site(s) with the support of others</p> <p>Make and Take Time</p> <p>Shannon Smith (@shannoninottawa) for inspiring me to submit a proposal for #ECOO12.</p> <p>Everyone at #ECOO12 - Brenda Sherry, Peter Skillen, Doug Peterson, Andrew Forgrave, Cal Armstrong, and more for the support.</p> <p>Joelle Ruddick (@joelleruddick), Cathy Beach (@beachcat11), Lino De Gasperis (@LinoDeGasperis), and Lisa Donohue (@Lisa_Donohue) for the feedback.</p> <p>And last but not least YOU for participating and sharing.</p> <p>Many thanks to:</p>