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This is my initial idea of the kind of fonts, colour and design I will use throughout my campaign for stomach cancer.The fonts are bold so that they stand out and make people want to read them, the first is probably the style that I will use, this is because it it is sharper and more more aesthetically pleasing. The second font is to rounded and therefore doesn’t suit the serious nature of the campaign.I will be using purple as the colour for my campaign, this is because purple is the colour for stomach cancer. I could use a different colour but all cancers have their own colour so to use a different colour may confuse people as they are already aware of this.The word cancer being erased is an idea that I like. This is because stomach cancer is more treatable in the early stages and could easily reduce the death rate of people diagnosed with stomach cancer. I would need to make this appeal to an older audience so I may need to use a different technique to get this point across. This is because stomach cancer is more common with people 50 and over. I would also need to make it appeal equally to men and women but make a point of saying it affects more men than women, I would need to incorporate this factor into the campaign.

Idea One:

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Idea Two:

My second idea for this campaign would be for focus on the main causes of cancer and how that can affect you. I have chosen that font so that it stands out as much as the image that will go alongside. For example, the first poster from the Canadian Cancer Society, it uses a bold font to make the text stand out as much as the stomach with the watermelon on. This is targeting the risks that smoking has. The second poster shows that there is only a matter of time before you can be affected by cancer, this is by using dominos. It also shows that once one thing happens, it all happens.The third is an image that I could use to show one of the signs that you could have an ‘OG’ cancer, food sticking in your throat. This shows clearly what it would feel like to have this symptom, they highlight it by using red to show that it would be a burning sensation.They all show the negative affect of cancer and negatives of smoking, one of the main causes of stomach cancer. I could further this negative view of stomach cancer by showing what the other causes are and how they affect you. I would use purple and yellow and my colours to get this pint across. This is because they are complementary colours. The yellow would stand out next to purple and this would make the text more clear.

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Idea Three:

For this idea, I would focus on how you can try to avoid cancer. Obviously you can’t always prevent it but there are ways to try and make sure the risk is lower. With stomach cancer, the main causes are; diet, smoking, gender and age. If people stop smoking, and change their diet, this will lower the chances of them getting stomach cancer. Age can’t be avoided and neither can gender, so by changing the other two factors, it would help their chances.I would show how changing these factors of their lives would help them by using info graphics. This would show facts and figures and ways to eat healthily to improve their lives. I would use the font shown below for the text in the info graphics, this is because this type of font has be proven to be more appealing to an older audience, this is because it is clear and easy to read. I will also use the colours shown on the bottom line of the colour chart. This is because these colours are the colours that people from my target audience chose to be their preferred colours. By using these factors in my info graph, it will help me create something that is easy and interesting to look at and read but also something that will appeal to my target audience.

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Idea Four:

Because stomach cancer affects about double the amount of men as women, I could try and focus on this. I could run two sides of the same campaign, one for men and one for women.The affects and risks are the same for both genders, however men struggle more with going to the doctor and getting things checked out than women do. The examples I have chosen show the angle that I would go for, challenging men almost, to go to the doctors. The first image is showing how common cancer is in men, that is for prostate cancer, however I could use a similar thing for stomach cancer. The second image is using a celebrity to make people want to read about this subject. The last three images show the challenging aspect of these campaigns, showing what ‘real men’ do.