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  • (C) 2014 Kettmann

    Mind-Mapping for BeginnersQuick Guide To Make Mindmaps

  • (C) 2014 Kettmann

    First of all, you will need a problem you want to solve but you have no clue how ! an idea you want to develop but you have problems thinking out of the box ! a topic you want to explore and dont want to miss a part ! !in summary : this can be helpful with any kind of subject you want to think about in detail

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  • (C) 2014 Kettmann

    To create a mindmap, you can either use - a piece of paper and pencils - a whiteboard/chalkboard with markers - a computer with a mind mapping tool


  • (C) 2014 Kettmann

    Lets suppose you want to lose weight and dont know how - take a piece of paper and a pencil - in the middle of the paper, mark Lose Weight - and draw a rectangle around these words

  • (C) 2014 Kettmann

    Now have a deep look at the paper and THINK ! What could you do to lose some weight ? mmm !you have now to generate ideas and note them in the same way you did with lose weight !for example you could do a diet ! write it down and draw a rectangle !connect then this new idea with your initial basic starting point !

  • (C) 2014 Kettmann

    Generate more ideas ! !You could have more sleep drink more water reduce stress

  • (C) 2014 Kettmann

    Listen to your inner voice - note everything you hear !if a remark, an idea comes up to a possible solution, note it and link it to the origin !for example : how can you reduce stress by working less ! !by this, you will see your mind map evolve and you will be surprised to see how fast you can generate ideas

  • (C) 2014 Kettmann

    - dont hesitate to add words, symbols and pictures to represent your ideas !- use different colors !- use different kind of lines, bullets !There are no limits !!!

  • (C) 2014 Kettmann

    its clear you have to practice and to use every opportunity to build a mind map. For inspiration, there are thousands of mind maps on the Internet !Hint : if you arent an really good artist as myself (see the quality of the mind map in this tutorial), I would recommend to use a computer-assisted mind mapping tool. Have a look at Xmind, Freemind or commercial products.

  • Contact me via Twitter : @kettmann

    Thats all folks !