Mighty Praslea

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Polish version of Romanian legend "Mighty Praslea"

Text of Mighty Praslea

  • 1. Szkoa Podstawowa im. gen Antoniego Hedy ps. Szary w Kowali POLAND

2. Different Stories, Different Languages, Same Roots! 3. Rumunia 4. Mighty Praslea and the golden apples... 5. A long, long time ago, in a rich country of Romanian emperor there lived peacefully mighty Praslea and his brothers. 6. They lived in a manor house surrounded by a beautiful and big garden, in which were growing the most beautiful, multicoloured tulips and colourful roses, vanillas and sunny gold jonquils, cherries were quietly swinging on the branches of trees and the apple trees were bearing juicy, red apples. 7. Near that wonderful place there was a view of another garden, inaccessible for people. It was there where beautiful, golden apples were ripening. Not for nothing the garden was inaccessible for people. There lived an old, ugly witch. 8. One day the monster Zmeul the most terrible dragon with two heads, four arms and six legs flew to the kings garden. The emperor was seriously scared because the dragon started to prowl the streets. 9. When Praslea found out about the panic spread in the town, he invented a cunning plan..... 10. Next day he went to the witchs garden and stole 78 kg of golden apples. He was scared, but he thought he would save his country in that way. Praslea hoped the apples were enchanted and could kill Zmeul. Unfortunately, the monster was eating the apples and nothing happened. Suddenly, Zmeul noticed Praslea, but it didnt kill the man. 11. It turned out that after having eaten so many apples Zmeul had a terrible stomachache! The monster promised not to prowl the town anymore and to move into an isolated place with his friends, other dragons. Happy emperor announced Praslea's brothers (who helped Praslea picking apples) his advisers and Praslea got half of the gold from the king's treasury,half of the castle and, of course,the beautiful princess as his wife. 12. The girl was very happy!They lived in a faraway place somewhere in Romania.They lived happily for a very long time and sometimes visited their old friend-monster Zmeul.One golden apple was built in a tower of the castle to commemorate that story... 13. Prezentacj wykonaa klasa V w skadzie: Drd Patryk Kurtek Dominik Litwin Jakub Materek Patrycja Wieczorek Natalia Wierzbicka Olga Zaleny Dawid Wychowawca: mgr Stanisawa Polowczyk- Walas