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  • 1. METROMobileInformationLiteracyPanel Friday,May6,2011at3:00p.m. IngridRichter,HeadofSystems NewYorkSocietyLibrary
  • 2. AbouttheLibraryAbout the Library
  • 3. NewYorkSocietyLibrary (Founded1754) Current memberships: Currentmemberships: 3,080 3 080 Memberswhojoinedin2010and2011: 468 Yearsofourlongestcurrentmembership: 71 Booksinthecollection: 279,494 Books added to the collection in 2010: Booksaddedtothecollectionin2010: 4,944 4,944 Bookscheckedoutin2010: 86,210 Books currently checked out: Bookscurrentlycheckedout: 4,405 4 405 Bookscheckedoutonanaverageday: 320 TheNewYorkSocietyLibrary:BytheNumbersbyPatrickRayner
  • 4. LibraryPolicyonPhonesThe use of cell phones or any electronic listening devices is TheuseofcellphonesoranyelectroniclisteningdevicesisprohibitedthroughouttheLibrary.Thisrulewillbestrictlyenforcedbythestaff.Pleasebesuretoturnoffyourcellphonewhenyouenterthebuilding.when you enter the building
  • 5. LibraryPolicyonLaptops Library Policy on LaptopsLaptopuseisallowedonlyintheGreenAlcove,thestudyroomsandHornblowerRoomonthefifthfloor,andinrooms and Hornblower Room on the fifth floor and indesignatedareasinthestacks.Alllaptopsmustbeusedwithaudioandsounddevicesturnedoff. LibraryPolicyonSmartPhones? Doesntexist.However,aslongaslibrarymembersare silentlyusingtheirphoneandnotdisturbingothers,wedont mind.
  • 6. Whatwe redoingWhat were doing
  • 7. MonitoringUseOnline: gUsingGoogleAnalytics, UsingGoogleAnalytics,3%ofallvisitorstoour uptotenpeopleperdaymainwebsitein2010 visitedourlibrarycatalogusedmobiledevices. d bil d i onmobiledevices. bil d i
  • 8. MonitoringUseinPerson: Monitoring Use in Person:GoodUse:Good Use: BadUse Bad Use Usingasmartphone Usingacellphonein duringalectureto during a lecture to thelibrarytocallthe the library to call the researchaspeaker frontdesktoreportthat Searching the online Searchingtheonline theywereoutofprinter cataloginthestacks paper Cellphonesgoingoff duringlectures& presentations.
  • 9. TeachingClasses Teaching Classes PastClass:MobileInternet Past Class: Mobile Internet November12,2009 SMSsearching GOOG411(sincediscontinued) UpdatingTwitter&Facebookthroughtexting Briefintroductiontosmartphones B i f i t d ti t t h Thesevenmemberswhosignedupbroughttheirphonesand y wemadesureeveryonecouldsearchtheInternet.
  • 10. TeachingClasses Teaching Classes UpcomingClass:Apple sTechnologies Upcoming Class: Apples Technologies Monday,May23,2011 themerelycurious.ThiscoursewillprovideanoverviewofvariousAppleproducts, includingpersonalcomputers,iPodsandiPhones.Wewill unpackthemostusefulApplesoftware(iTunes,iPhoto, unpack the most useful Apple software (iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie)andtakeapeekattheofferingsavailableattheApp store.
  • 11. QueryingMembers Querying MembersFromour2011TechnologyWorkshopevaluations(stillin gy p ( progress),ourlibrarymembersexpressedinterestinfuture classeson: 1. Findingfreebooksonline 1 Fi di f b k li 2. Cloudstorage 3. AdobePhotoshop 3 Adobe Photoshop 4. Blogs&creatingahomepage 5. Widgets&Apps g pp 6. Onlinemuseumresearch 7. PowerPoint
  • 12. UpcomingPlans Upcoming Plans A new memberwide survey in 2011 should Anewmember widesurveyin2011should helpdeterminetheareasofinterestand expansionwithourmembers.Ourlast expansion with our members Our last membersurveywasin2000. Redesignofthewebsite&catalogtomakeit cleaner,slickerandmobilefriendly.Library l li k d bil f i dl Lib memberfocusgroupforideas.
  • 13. InterestingTrendsInteresting Trends
  • 14. AudioBlogPosts: Audio Blog Posts:RecordanaudioblogpostonTumblrfromany phone(oneperday,fiveminutelimit): h ( d fi i t li it)
  • 15. UniqueApps: Unique Apps:OnlyAvailableonSmartPhonesOnly Available on Smart Phones
  • 16. UniqueApps: Compass (directions and orientation) Metal Detector (find buried treasure) Flashlight (escape dark movie theaters) Bubble (level surfaces) Google Maps (where am I right now?) Google Googles (identify real-life images) Google Sky Map G S (view the constellations) ( ) Google Translate (audio-driven language translation) Barcode Scanner (scan QR codes) xPiano (play a song) Guitar Chords (tune and play) Shazam (identify the song thats playing) Bump (share information by touching phones) Foursquare (share location with friends) y Labyrinth ( (navigate a ball through a maze) g g ) Light Sabers (duel with friends),
  • 17. PrintedBooks&QRCodes:Printed Books & QR Codes: AroundtheWorldin80Days A d h W ld i 80 D with2DcodesbyUbimark books // b / h? O h 0
  • 18. PrintedBooks&QRCodes: Printed Books & QR Codes: Aroundtheworldin80days: A d h ld i 80 dTheubitour versionguidedbyyourmobilephone h // / d ld 80 d ubitour/dp/1449582737 ($18.00)
  • 19. THANKYOU!THANK YOU! IngridRichter,HeadofSystems NewYorkSocietyLibrary systems@nysoclib org