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Mediating effect of pay satisfaction & affective commitment

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Text of Mediating effect of pay satisfaction & affective commitment

  • DR. KADELLE D. PIDORPresenter0943-520-3891ACES Polytechnic CollegeTadeco Road, Panabo City

  • One of the major challenges that institutions face today is the efforts to retain, highly qualified teachers (Gujarati, 2012, Pitso and Machaisai, 2012)

    Teacher turnover is becoming a growing concern and major challenge for education policymakers and researchers globally (Pitso & Machaisa, 2012)

  • To explore the relationship among work stress, affective commitment, pay satisfaction and turnover intention

    The Mediating effect of affective commitment & pay satisfaction was also investigated

  • Research DesignDescriptive Correlational Design

    Research InstrumentWork Stress Scale Affective Commitment Scale Pay Satisfaction Scale Turnover Intention Scale

    Statistical ToolsPerson Product Moment Correlation Multiple Regression Analysis Structural Equation Analysis

  • The level of work stress of the teachers is oftentimes experienced.Teachers are moderately satisfied in their level of pay.Teachers had a high level of affective commitment School teachers had a low intention to leave their current job.Work stress positively correlate with turnover intention.

  • 7. Pay Satisfaction & Affective Commitment negatively correlate with Turnover Intention.

    8. Work Stress, Pay Satisfaction & Affective Commitment Significantly Predict Turnover Intention

  • Mediating Effect of Pay Satisfaction and Affective Commitment in the Relationship between Work Stress and Turnover Intention

    Work Stress and Pay Satisfaction Significantly Mediates the relationship between Affective Commitment and Turnover Intention

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