Media photo’s of car crash

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<ul><li> 1. Media Photos of car crash</li></ul> <p> 2. Before imageI wanted to use selected images of the car crash for my article on my second page of my newspaper, however the image was too dark due to the location of the crash, hence I increased the fill light by 20%, and I increased the brightness by 32% brightness and I also slightly tweaked the contrast by 12%, this was to make the image more easily recognisable, and also to draw attention to the damage on the car. After editing the image 3. Before image After editing the imageI had the same issue with lighting as the images was taken in a woods, hence I had to use the flash on my camera so that the car and surrounding area was visible.There was a slight issue with the setting, it was adjacent to a busy road, hence I had to crop the left side of the image as there you can see the blurred motion of a car going past. I then wanted more of the area viewable so I increased the brightness by 28%, whilst slightly increasing the contrast by 10% 4. Before image After editing the image This was one of my favourite images of the car crash, I wanted to use this as my main article image, along with the previous two edited images on the side. I increased the brightness by 24% as even the flash from the camera did not provide the light I wanted. I like the fact that you can see the police tape as it gives the image a sense of authenticity. I increased the contrast by 13%. I did not play around with the colours as I wanted the images to look realistic and informative for my newspaper. 5. I did not use this image on main product as it is too similar to the images on slide 4. 6. I did not use this image either simply due to the distance of the car from the camera shot, I would have to crop a large portion of the background, also the tree being in the forefront looks unprofessional. 7. I did not use this image as the article was based upon a car crash accident and the position of the tree blocks the view of the dents and damages that the vehicle took. Also there are cars going pasted In the background making the image look unprofessional. 8. In my opinion this is the worse image of the PowerPoint, I initially took the image to show the extent of the damage of the crash, however it just looks displaced and odd. 9. I did not use this image in the production of my media tasks; It is too similar to the images on slide 3, however the angle is slightly different.</p>