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Career Exploration Curriculum for children living in orphanages international

MDC Career Exploration Curriculum

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  1. 1. Career Exploration Curriculum for children living in orphanages international
  2. 2. Worldwide, 570 million children live in extreme poverty. 151 million children have lost one or both parents and 7 million orphans live in state care. There are 730,000 orphans in Russia alone. 1/3 of them live in state care. international A Global Problem
  3. 3. Orphanages are isolated from the society and affect childrens ability to make smooth transition from one development state to another throughout their lives. Children living in orphanages demonstrate delays in emotional and social development. While providing the basic needs of food and shelter, the regimentation of orphanage life does not give children the experiences they need to be healthy, happy, fully functioning adults. international Child Development Problem
  4. 4. Disrupt the isolation of orphanages Smart long-term volunteering Provide development assistance programs to facilitate childrens transition into adulthood and help them learn new skills Create worldwide awareness international MDC solution
  5. 5. international Our volunteer network
  6. 6. Career exploration curriculum for teenagers, ages 14 to 16, living in the orphanage in Tomilino village (Moscow region) international The 2016-2017 pilot project
  7. 7. Equip children with skills needed for their successful transition into adulthood and professional life Provide the nurturing classroom environment in which their talents will thrive Provide children with a support group of mentors and young professionals outside of the orphanage system international Curriculum objectives
  8. 8. international Timeline Sept-Oct Creating a safe therapeutic classroom space for children to explore their talents and help to resolve psychological issues. Nov-Dec Workshops with invited young professionals to gain first hand knowledge about different career paths Jan-Feb Professional shadowing: children undertake short-term internships at local businesses according to their career aspirations March-April Mentorship program: children are matched with mentors to receive guidance and create a road map to the profession of their dream May Mentorship continues. Children work on their educational plan for the remaining years of high school and the next steps.
  9. 9. - Check-ins and sharing - Sense of Community - Transparency - Journaling international Curriculum elements - Team building games - Activities based on real-life scenarios - Design thinking - Mentorship - First-hand learning - Field trips - Inclusion
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