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Mc Ethics

Mc EthicsByNishikaSuchithraVishnuAshiRithinHrishikeshLaluAkhil


McDonald'sMcDonalds is a large corporation in the fast food industry. They have been around since 1955 when Ray Kroc started the chain of McDonalds. They have been growing ever since. The majority of the restaurants are owned through franchises.

They employ 447,000+ people. They have over 3,200+ restaurants in over 119+ countries. The McDonalds Brand is one of the most well known Brands in the world.No of outlets: US - 18000+, UK 1250+, France 1200+, China 1500+, India 250+

Then everything changed

Criticism against McDonaldsAllegations of unethical practicesCriticized for serving fatty foods Exploiting children with their advertisementsCruelty to animalsAntipathetic to unionsLow wages to workersFalse advertisement of nutritious foodRisked the health of most regular and long-term customers

But , What happened NEXT ?

Massive International publicityPublication of an acclaimed book and a TV program against McDonaldsA documentary film about the trial.McSpotlight Website.Sales hit a Big Bada Boom. (Incd)

Is that why we are here. No Lets seee.

McDonald's "Deceptive" Marketing to ChildrenMcDonald's is one of the largest distributors of toys, which is included in 20% of their sales.The use of a clown as the face of the company.The Happy Meal or playgrounds in restaurants is targeted towards childrenBecame rapidly popular with the fun box , small portions, and ,the ever changing toy included.In 2010 McDonald's was sued for unethical marketing practices towards children through the act of providing those toys.

CaseMonet Parham came forth to sue McDonald's because her daughters would nag and cry for the Happy Meals constantly even when told no.She claimed that McDonald's had invaded their minds through their deceptive marketing.Then, A law in two cities of California has passed saying that any establishments that does not meet nutritional value will not be allowed to serve toys with the meals.But even today the Happy Meal is still in place and the practices are continuing to attract children to their establishments.

Lets take a closer look.

According to Friedman's theory of individualism the company is acting ethical.The company's main goal is to maximize profit for the owner and stockholders.Children push to get a new toy in a Happy Meal and play on the playground provided at many establishments which drive profits.

Utilitarian theory states that happiness should be maximized while pain should be minimized.According to the Utilitarian theory McDonald's is acting ethical.All the stakeholders are happy considering the situation.The children are happy with their toys, and playgrounds, and a clown.

Kantian theory states that one should do things for the right reasons.But overtime, People/Sales fell, McDonald's began the marketing techniques to children out of self interest to maximize profits.McDonald's was not motivated to just provide a toy because it's the right thing to do, but to attract them to come back.In that sense, McDonald's is unethical

Is McDonalds Marketing Ethical ?What do you think ?

Thank You