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  • 1. Kingdom Project Mrs. Mathis 4 th Grade Class
  • 2. The land of arrows Welcome to the land of arrows. You will have a lot of fun when you enter this land. You will see a lot of animals such as boars, turtles and more. But sometimes the animals will get made at you. And will eat you all up. Or they will be very nice to you. if you see ugly stuff do not got scared they are very nice. By Alex
  • 3. Kingdom of the cats Welcome to the Kingdom of the cats. MY kingdom is cool because it has cats in it. The reason my kingdom is so cool because it has all kinds of things in it like cats, people, birds, rooms for the people and animals. The best part is it has an in door pool. The reason way my kingdom is so cool is because it has princess and princes. -Amberly
  • 4. THE KINGDOM OF VENOSIADEN WELCOME to the land of VENOSIADEN. We could ride a slizard. We could learn how to have magic and use it in nature. We could learn how to touch the moon, clouds, star and sun.Leamatoads and spiderfin are near the ocean and waterfall. The antree will be in the forest and a fire horseand a sayxtra.Thats a goat come youll have fun. YEAH! -Brandon
  • 5. My House Kingdom Welcome to my kingdom. My kingdom is fun and I have horse and food. -Brandy
  • 6. Kingdom of chocalandia Welcome to chocalandia where everything is made out of chocolate in my kingdom there are frogs,fish,servants,bears,birds and rabbits. Of activities you could -Carlos
  • 7. Kingdom of Catsville Please come to catsville you will meet Caylin Sarra and 2 cats named Samson and Sophie it is 6 foot tall 5 foot wide it is blue and purple wile your there you will save cats feed cats and keep little kids out if you like that then you better come here no other place is the same as catsville it cost nothing except promise you will like the cats that live there if you are coming call now and you will get to feed the cats at 817-933-5880 -Caylin
  • 8. The Kingdom of Sugar Land Welcome to Sugar Land where all your candy dreams comes true! You can jump in gumball machines, swim in chocolate lakes, and most of all eat candy! Youll have fun!!! -Chloe
  • 9. Kingdom Of Ice land Welcome to the ice land . You will love to go to ice land . Your kids might like to play with all the ice . I think that you will like it and you will not want to leave of that little country called Kingdom Of Ice land . Then your kids will not want to go home. -Hazel
  • 10. Kingdom of fun Welcome to the kingdom of fun you should come to my kingdom you will have a feast and you will be welcomed to my kingdom then you can have thousands of money and that is why you should come to my kingdom. -Jayson .
  • 11. Kingdom of Jonathan You should come to my kingdom because you will have a grate time. The food is very good and the desserts. There are fun games and there is a lot of money. Everything is made of chocolate frosting. -Jonathan R.
  • 12. THE KINGDOM OF ABNEGA Hey welcome to abnega how about lets go to my restraint there is really good food come on what are you waiting for. Look over there a money tree and diamond plants every 6 weeks we diamonds from the plants and pull money from the trees also we camp every Monday that is about it. -Jonethan A.
  • 13. Kingdom of Kelsanator Welcome to Kelsanator kingdom where you can do anything you want. Play, play football, eat, build you can swim in chocolate and a whole lot more. We have candy trees, candy grass and a king who loves to play. -Joshua
  • 14. Kingdom of Fun Welcome to the Kingdom of Fun all you do is fun fun fun. We could ride down chocolate mountain and go fishing. Train fish and raid on dolphins backs. Feed sharks and fish we will make a parade. -Kevin
  • 15. THE KINGDOM OF MENDOZA Welcome to the little house. This house is so fun because You can eat all you want because is a land of candy and you can play with anything like if. I want a car to play you need too. Said three times Mendoza ok. -Litzy
  • 16. The Land of Starcom. Hey, thank you for reading this. I really wanted to tell you about my kingdom I have been living in for a long time now. Let me tell you what Im talking about. Here,I live in the imaginary land I callStarcom. Starcom is the land I rule all creatures in. There are dragons, wolfs, centaurs, things like that. Wouldnt you like to come rule the land with me! -Michael
  • 17. The Land of Vampires Welcome to my land . If you come here we will suck your blood, and you will be one of us. We will have lots of fun once we are both vampires. We will fish ,hunt ,shoot hoops and sleep in the dark. There are lots of animals live there like bats ,monsters and vampires of course. -Mikayla
  • 18. My Ice Kingdom Welcome to my kingdom. In my kingdom you can have fun. In my kingdom you can play with wolfs, eat ice-cream, go to whatever room you want to go and ice skate. In my kingdom theirs just one rule have fun. In my kingdom it is cold but the best thing is you have fun. If you are cold I have jackets for you. My kingdom is the best. You are going to like my kingdom. So come to my kingdom and have fun. You are going to say Im having fun. Well have fun. -Nicole
  • 19. Kingdom of Fire Welcome to my kingdom you can have a piece of candy and some fish. You may also go find a troll and you probably want to see a night fight a troll or a beast. So come to my kingdom to have a great time. -Ryan
  • 20. The Kingdom of Wild Horses Welcome to my kingdom. The kingdom of wild horses. I hope you like my kingdom. We have lots of weird animals. We have dragons, centaurs, dragon eggs, unicorns,fariys and lots more animals. We do these activities there kind of like games but there not. We these dragon quests its a lot of fun saving hurt animals. We teach baby unicorns how to fly. We also fight off goblins with there swamp dragons. My castle is a sparkling castle. With beams of lights coming out of it .My kingdom is a lovely place. I hope you will like it so much that you will come back again thank you bye. Hope to see you again. -Sable
  • 21. Land Of Butter Cup Welcome to the land butter cups . I am the leader of the butter cups. Let me tell you about us we love people to cuddle with . But make us mad snap!! We will bite so dont mess with us other than that we love you .Thank you hope you come over! -Shelby
  • 22. Kingdom of Candyland Welcome to candyland! Candyland is a very fun place to be. In candyland you can do fun activities like swim in chocolatefall, climb on money and marshmellow trees, eat all kinds of stuff and sleep a lot. There are loving animals and people that care about you. Thats why I think you should come to my kingdom. -Takesha
  • 23. Kingdom of