Massively Open Online Courses - Beyond the Hype

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I gave this talk June 26, 2013 at the Australian Moodle Moot in Melbourne, AUstralia.


  • 1. Massvely Open Online CoursesBeyond the HypeCharles SeveranceUniversity of MichiganSchool of Information

2. I am not speaking for the University ofMichigan, I am not speaking for Blackboard,Inc., and I am not speaking for the IMS GlobalLearning Consortium. 3. 4. 5. June 2010 - Goshen 6. July 2012 - Los Angeles 7. 8. Internet:TCI Show 08 9. 10. 2000 11. 2001 12. 2004 13. The Future of my Sad Story (?) 2005 - Sakai completes and is installed at 20universities :) 2006 - I take a few months, reinvent ClipBoard andintegrate it into Sakai so people can *finally* truly useit 2007 - Hundreds of people try my idea and it turnsout it was a bad idea - so I invent something else Moral: I have been waiting 10 years, and changedthree jobs to find a framework to deploy my idea sopeople could use it. Turns out the only way it wasgoing to happen was to help build it myself.2004 14. February 2007 - I quit Sakai in anger before I am red in anger 15. October 2006 - Dallas 16. In 2006 Richard N. Katz was retiring asthe President of Educause He made a video with a series of boldpredictions about the changes that wewould see in the world of educationover the next 14 years09:502006 17. Pick a Question - Discuss For the predictions that wereaccurate - why did get get it right? For the predictions that were wrong,why did he get them wrong?09:502006-2012 18. Syncomatic -1996Clipboard - 2002 19. Nuthin But NetInternet:TCI 20. Post-War (1940s) Alumni of the US and UK codebreaking effortsand other started building general purposecomputers Manchester Baby Ferranti Mark I Harvard Mark I US Army ENIAC weeks 21. Layered NetworkModel A layered approach allows theproblem of designing a network tobe broken into more manageablesub problems Best-known model: TCP/IPtheInternet Protocol Suite There was also a 7 layer OSI: OpenSystem Interconnection ModelApplication LayerWeb, E-Mail, File TransferTransport Layer (TCP)Reliable ConnectionsInternetwork Layer (IP)Simple, UnreliableLink Layer (Ethernet,WiFi)Physical ConnectionsThree weeks 22. Eat More OvaltineEat More OvaltineSanta SHA-1 a79540Eat More Ovaltinea79540Eat More Ovaltinea79540Eat More OvaltineSanta SHA-1 a79540Eat More Ovaltine a79540Match! :) weeks 23. A Bit of Data... 24. July 2012Feb 2013Jun 2013Oct 2013 25. Demographic Data (n=6495) English / Non-English Speaker 2908 - Yes 3487 - No First online class 2052 -Yes 4377 - NoData from Feb 2013 session 26. Demographic Data (n=6495) Pursuing a Statement of Accompishment? 3239 - Yes 3210 - No - just learning Gender About 2/3 male University of Michigan Student 196 -Yes 6230 - NoData from Feb 2013 session 27. 0"500"1000"1500"2000"2500"Under"18" 18,24" 25,34" 35,44" 45,54" 55+"Agen=6495 28. Some%HS%3%%HS%11%%Some%College%15%%Assoc(2%yr)%7%%BS/BA%(4%yr)%34%%Masters%24%%Doctoral%3%%Prof.%(MD,JD)%3%%Education n=6495 29. Location 30. 0"2000"4000"6000"8000"10000"12000"14000"16000"1" 2" 3" 4" 5" 6" 7" 8" 9" Final"Lecture"001"Quiz"001"Lecture"002"Quiz"002"History Technology Security 31. Increasing difculty... Week 1: What was the mistake made by the German Enigmaoperators that allowed Alan Turing to craft a strategy to break codedGerman messages? Week 5: When do wireless devices receive their serial numbers (i.e.MAC or Ethernet addresses)? Week 8: How does your computer typically know the public key of acerticate authority during secure communications? 32. My Thoughts on #IHTS 33. Be an Introductory Course We need low-stakes "freshman" courses in Coursera How to behave How to use the software How to write Figure out technical issues How to learn from others and help others learn.... 34. Be an Open Learning Community Open Source works well when there is a "Benevolent Dictator" There needs to be real and enforced rules - but as few as possible Those in power must not hide behind their power and must sharetheir power with those who show the right behavior Must make valued behaviors "infectious" / "amplied" 35. Teach the Teachers I dont beleive that all students in the world should consider me theirteacher in this space I wrote a "book"- I want others to adopt it and re-mix it Related to making a "learning community" 36. Community TeachingAssistants Volunteer students from prior sessions Culture forms very rapidly Questions answered quicklyMauro - ItalyMazen - EgyptMegan - UK Susan - PA Karen - NCSue - CA 37. If we want we can also communicate in our own language in this thread. 38. NY, Los Angeles CA,Ann Arbor MI,Wilmington, NC,Chicago IL,Washington, DC,Memphis,TN, Seattle WA, Seoul,Barcelona, London, Amsterdam,Melbourne, Perth (soon) 39. Back to the future Lets revisit the predictions thatRichard M. Katz made for the2013-2020 period...09:502006 40. My Thoughts on MOOCs... 41. Is this New? 42. July 2012Feb 2013Jun 2013Oct 2013Is there abusiness model?Coursera is approaching 4 MillionStudents - Just over a year4 million users x 5% = 200,000 paying200,000 x $50 = $10,000,000$2,500,000 to universities$500,000 to faculty7,000 active students, 407 signature track407 * $40 = $16,280$16,280 x 5% = $814 43. What happenned to OpenEducational Resources? 44. this a failure ofMOOCs orsimply our rstencounter withreal PersonalizedLearning or SelfDirectedLearning? 45. Teaching orMeasuring? 46. The End ofHigherEducation? 47. IBM RS-6000The End of the Mainframe 48. willchange? 49. about thestudents? 50. How can weimproveeducation? 51. can getinvolved 52. wontbe easy.. 53. A Few Predictions Online "continuation" Masters degrees have a limited lifetime For-prot undergraduate online programs will become very niche Residential schools must leverage being together - do more Remedial / preparation / just in time / continuing ed / professionaldevelopment - wil be free an high quality Truly democratizing education will happen - but require re-commitment to open educatonal resources and remixable resources 54. Thank you.