Marketing Mix Strategy of Ratanpur Steel Re-rolling Mills (RSRM)

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Marketing Mix Strategy of Ratanpur Steel Re-rolling Mills Ltd. (RSRM)

Marketing Mix Strategy of Ratanpur Steel Re-rolling Mills Ltd. (RSRM)MD. Nasir UddinShushmita ChowdhuryID: 13102406ID: 13102421


Presentation Outline

Introductory part Organizational partActual task partProject partResearch part


Introductory Part


Objectives of the Study Broad Objective:The broad objective of the study is to assess the marketing mix strategy of steel industry in Bangladesh focusing on Ratanpur Steel Re-rolling Mills Ltd. (RSRM).Specific Objectives:To know if product quality is getting priority over costTo find out the pricing strategyTo find out the location coverageTo know the by-product utilizationTo know if the Sales promotion policy of RSRM is affected due to competitors marketing strategyTo find out the relation of profit margin and competitive priceTo know if the promotional schemes have impact on products demand


Limitation of the StudyLack of up-to-date data.Time constraint.Data constraint.Lack of perfect co-operation.


Organizational Part


Company Profile Head OfficeNahar Mansion, 116 C.D.A Avenue, Muradpur, ChittagongTel: +88-031-652255-57, Fax: 88-031-650001Corporate SloganSteel For The NationDate of IncorporationApril 22, 1986Date of Starting Its OperationJuly 1, 1986Chairman of the BoardMrs. Shamsun Nahar RahmanName of the Managing DirectorMr. Maksudur


Background of RSRMRatanpur Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd. (RSRM) was established in January 1984.The mill is situated in the progressive Baizid Bostami Industrial Area, Chittagong.Leading steel manufactures Incorporated on 22 April 1986Commercial production in 01 July 1986Production capacity to1000 tons per dayPrincipal product of the company is M. S. Rod 60 GradeInstalled production capacity of producing 3, 00,000 MT annuallyMain raw materials of the company are M.S. Billet


Vision and MissionVision:To be the trend setter and the power force of the steel re-rolling industryMission:To be the first name in the regions steel industryHarnessing our assets and resources to achieve profitable growth, Operational and organizational excellence and Good corporate citizenship



10Strength: Market Leader Great Competitive Skill Reliability Strong employee bonding and belongingness ModernEquipment&Technology Strong ProductsDistributionLineup Strong Marketing LineupWeakness: High interest rates decline profit Power crises

Opportunities: Market Dominance Organizational Goal Increased demand for the products International ScopeThreats: Newcompetitors Economic crisis GrowingCompetition Labor Unions Power Crisis

11Porters Five ForcesNew Market Entrants (Low) Bargaining Power Of Buyer (High)Bargaining Power of Supplier (Low)Rivalry Among Existing Firm (High)Threat of Substitute Products (Low)

Capital RequirementGovernment PolicyEconomies of scaleIncreasing Demand for SteelLow per capita consumptionBargaining power of buyersEnergy supplyLabor union powerBargaining powerProduct differentiationCompetition from Foreign Players


12PESTEL Analysis National Steel Policy Opportunities available in ppp Foreign Direct Investment Huge Gap between the Demand and Supply Permanent Employment Development in the Rural Areas

Online Trading Planning to Use Latest Technology Encouraging the eco Friendly System RSRM is developing the Ultra-Low Carbon various rules and regulations Health policies of the employees Special health incentives and rules


14Board of Directors





17Actual Task Part

18Nasirs task:Collected information through web browsing about fire safety productsMade profile for the Fire safety productsEdited the picturesMade a list of solar companies Collected information through web browsing Made profile for solar energyMade a list on compressor companies domestically and internationally Field work

Tasks done by us at RSRM

ContdShushmitas task: Research on Vietnam: Basic DataWhy invest in VietnamWhy foreign investment in Vietnam is boomingLargest companies in VietnamRMG & textile in VietnamTax rate in VietnamVietnam Corporate Taxation & special sales taxOther tax rates on resident individualsBarrier to entryTesting and ApprovalsExport & ImportGarment manufacturing companies in Vietnam


Research on Myanmar:Basic DataMyanmar GDPIndustry & RetailTrades & InvestmentFinancial ServicesGerent, textile, and leather companiesConstruction and real state companiesChemical, cosmetics and health companiesField work


21Project Part

Represents a blending of four elementsAlso known as 4 PsProduct, price, place and promotion Basic purpose is to satisfy the needs of customers

22Marketing mix

23Product Mix OF RSRM

Produced by the use of most advanced Heat-treatment technologyQuality of this bar is more higher than MS barMost used bar at presentHigh durabilityHigh ductilityHigh load bearing capacityHigh elongation

24Deformed Bar

Load bearing capacity is 40000 psi or 40000 pound per square inch in 300MpaYield strength is more than 300Mpa per square inchUltimate tensile strength is minimum 350Mpa per square inchElongation is more than 6%

25Gr. 40/ 300 Mpa Deformed Bar

Gr. 40 Deformed Bar

More yield strength then RSRM MS barReasonable elongationReduce 5% steel weigh from constructionReduce column size and quantity of RodResistance to fatigue behavior Have better bonding with concreteSafely weld-able

26Specification of Gr. 40/ 300 Mpa Deformed Bar

Underground of the buildingsGovt. constructionLow budget concreteBasement of the buildingSlap over the drainSmall ColbertFlooring of the basement

27Use of Gr. 40/ 300 Mpa Deformed Bar

Load bearing capacity is 60000psi or 60000 pound per square inch of 400MpaYield strength is more than 400Mpa per square inchUltimate tensile strength is minimum 450Mpa per square inchElongation is more than 8%

28Gr. 60/ 400 Mpa Deformed Bar

Gr. 60 Deformed Bar

More yield strength then RSRM Gr. 40 barReasonable elongationReduce almost 10% steel weigh from constructionReduce column size and quantity of RodResistance to fatigue behavior Response to tensile loadingResistance to corrosion behavior Safe 0.05% steel at welding

29Specification of Gr. 60/ 400 Mpa Deformed Bar

Grand column of the buildingOver bridge Foot overFly overLarge size bridgeLarge size reinforced concrete

30Use of Gr. 60/ 400 Mpa Deformed Bar

Branded this product as RSRM X Power TMT 500 bar.Load bearing Capacity is 75500psi or 75500 pound per square inch of 500MpaYield strength is more than 500Mpa per square inchUltimate tensile strength is minimum 550Mpa per square inchElongation is more than 12%

31RSRM X Power TMT 500 Bar

High design yield strength of minimum 500 MpaHigh elongation Reduce almost 25% steel weigh from constructionReduce the earthquake damage Reduce column sizeResistance to fatigue behavior Response to tensile loadingResistance to corrosion behavior Reduce the wastage at welding more than 5%

32Specification of RSRM X Power TMT 500 Bar

500 TMT Bar33Fly overMultipurpose buildingsMultipurpose bridgesSkyscrapers Over bridgesFoot overGrand column of the buildingsAll kind of mega structures

Use of RSRM X Power TMT 500 Bar

Its a low carbon steel where the amount of carbon is 0.08% to 35%.The shape of this bar is round.This bar produced directly from billet without use of heat-treatment technology. It is equivalent to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) A615 Standard.Yield strength is 300 Mpa to 320 Mpa.Ultimate tensile strength is 350-360 MpaElongation is 4%-6%

34MS Bar or Round Bar

Limited Capacity in yield strength and load bearingRequired more in terms of quantityMinimum weld ability and bend abilityIncrease the weight of concrete not suitable in large construction

35Specification of MS Bar

MS Bar

Small reinforced concrete Small construction workBasement of the buildingFoot path and foot waySmall ColbertFlooring of the basement

36Use of MS Bar

High durabilityMore accurate weight of the productEnsure high qualityStrictly follows the international standardsThe bars conform to ISO 9001: 2008, BSTI, and ASTM StandardHigh ductility and high elongation

37Feature of Product of RSRM

Oval Rubbish

38By-Product of RSRM

Slogan:Steel For The NationLogo:

39Branding of RSRM

Factors influencing pricing decisions:Competitor analysisMediaSeasonal factorsCost of production

40Price Mix of RSRM

Pricing procedure of RSRMRSRM applied the following pricing strategy:Cost-based pricingCompetition-based pricing Promotional pricingSegmented pricingDiscount and allowance pricing

41Price Mix of RSRM (Contd..)

Cost-Based pricing procedure of RSRMCost-Based pricing of RSRM = (cost + profit)RSRM consider the following factors in cost-based pricing:Cost of raw material Customs cost of releasing raw material Production costProcurement costCost of machine maintenanceCost of powerSudden incidental and accidental issue

42Price Mix of RSRM (Contd..)

Competition-Based pricing procedure of RSRMRSRM applying this pricing strategy in two ways:Going-rate pricingSeal-bid pricing

43Price Mix of RSRM (Contd..)

Promotional pricing procedure of RSRMRSRM offers the seasonal promotions offer for all customer such as:Sale on special discount rate of 500tk-1000tk for a certain period of time D