Making visible the work of community based learning a case study

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The work involved in teaching with community based learning can be both quantitatively and qualitatively different than classroom-based teaching. While good CBL planning models do exist to help educators navigate those differences, they must be adapted to the specificities of teaching in a second language and working with language communities other than English. To illustrate those differences, Ann will present the work flow in the design and implementation of the "Spanish for Business" course she taught during Fall 2013. We will analyze the larger issues involved in this kind of work and discuss guiding documents (checklists, timelines, etc.).

Text of Making visible the work of community based learning a case study

  • 1. 1 MAKING VISIBLE THE WORK OF COMMUNITY BASED LEARNING 2 CASE STUDY 3 Ann Abbott, Director of Undergraduate Studies University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign @AnnAbbott
  • 2. Define learning objectives
  • 3. Social Media Marketing Consulting Teamwork Language and Cultures
  • 4. Establish community partnership
  • 5. Compose email Compelling Clear
  • 6. Make curricular decisions
  • 7. Syllabus Calendar Materials
  • 8. Prepare students
  • 9. Assess Provide templates Lesson plans
  • 10. Align expectations
  • 11. Professionalism Preparation Communication
  • 12. Realign expectations
  • 13. Reflect Calendar Lessons learned
  • 14. Manage emotions
  • 15. Students Mine
  • 16. Close the experience
  • 17. Assess Reflect Receive feedback
  • 18. Share
  • 19. Blog Conferences Research design