Making the Most out of Social Media!

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A presentation to the European network of Safer Internet Centers on how to use social media to promote their work. September 2013. The presentation focused on knowing your user, building a hub, an image and a brand that will last and grow with the evolution of the social web.

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  • 1. Malta 2013 - Louise Jones

2. Seminar Outcomes 1. Facilitate experience and good practice sharing across the network and enhance the learning community that has developed within Insafe 4. Pinpoint the most effective resources produced within the network and investigate the most effective ways of promoting these. 5. Identify practical ways to leverage social media to promote the work of the Safer Internet Centres 3. Scotland! 4. Image is everything! 5. Many Hats! 6. Guidance Cyberbullying Service Training Educational Events Policy Website 7. @olliebray 8. Learning, Teaching and Assessment Information, Communication Technology in Education Culture, Confidence and Competence 9. Future Digital Markets / Economies 10. Personal Safety (Online) Digitally Confident (Competent) Evolution? 11. The Social Web 12. Where are you now? Where do you want to be? 13. What are you trying to do? (Do you know?) 14. Why use social media? 15. Responsible Use 16. The Good, the Bad, not the Ugly Moderation 17. Model Practice And 18. Beyond Marketing 19. Social Media only works if you say something 20. Amplification 21. New Usage Models in everyday life 22. Social media myths (some things just arent true!) 23. Followers & Likes means your popular 24. Source: 25. Fans / Followers / Subscribers Does it matter? 26. Social Media improves engagement? 27. Using social media is free 28. VS 29. blogs 30. #1 Your Audience Points to consider 31. What is your local market like? 32. Who visits your website? Where? How long? Unique visits? Hits? Patterns? How? 33. Google Analytics 34. Search Engine Science 35. 36. #2 - Content Points to consider 37. Quality of your Content 38. Some important questions? 39. Do you provide a reason for people to spend more than a few seconds reading your pages? Key Question (#1) 40. Do you offer real value, something of substance to visitors, anything unique, different, useful and that they wont find elsewhere? Key Question (#2) 41. Content (keyword) Research 42. Content (keyword) Research You must use the language that the people who are looking for your information are using. 43. Content Words / Use Of Keywords 44. 45. Bottom line, if you want your pages to be found for particular words, its a good idea to actually use those words in your website. 46. 47. Engagement through Content 48. Listening Posts. #tags 49. Content Freshness 50. Keep it current! 51. #3 - Architecture Points to consider 52. Any device, any where 53. Mobile Optimisation 54. Site Crawlability 55. Site Speed 56. #4 - Links Points to consider 57. Link Quality(not just quantity) 58. Number of Links your site www www www www 59. Are your URLs descriptive? 60. www.saferinternet.?? 61. www.saferinternet.?? 62. www.saferinternet.?? 63. www.saferinternet.?? 64. www.saferinternet.?? 65. #5 Social Reputation Points to consider 66. IcelandCyprus Poland Sweden UK Belgium 67. Brand and the future.. 68. www.adiconsum.itItaly 69. @adiconsumItaly 70. The Small Detail Matters! 71. #1: Its all about the user Summary 72. #2: Content: Focus on quality over quantity Summary 73. #3: Links: Focus on quality over quantity Summary 74. #4: Make the most of social media, social sharing and social search Summary 75. #5: Let the search engines know youre there Summary 76. Finally #6 Build your social web hub, build it to last 77. NREN Social Media Jumpstart Pack Domen Boeglav 78. Thank you! Louise Jones