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  • 1. Making the Most of Slides SWATT workshop

2. Ideas and information can now easily be made social. We learn more when we share ideas and discuss them. A ppt file on your hard drive is where ideas go to die. Discuss. 3. There are many tools that help us share our ideas. SlideRocket Zoho Show 4. People are learning an incredible amount from each other. They dont need to be in a school. Publishing your thinking, allowing others to interact with it, increases learning. 5. The same tools that allow us to publish can also help us find ideas and resources. SlideRocket Zoho Show 6. If youve taken the time to make a slide show why not share it with a larger audience and expand the conversation? 7. Slideshows can be embedded. So you can share someone elses idea in one of your online spaces. You can bring their conversation to your group. 8. Publishing and sharing tools are highly interactive, allowing for rich feedback. 9. Slideshows are no different. 10. Interested, authentic audiences can be found online. 11. Feedback comes from interested others.Peerevaluation motivates learning. 12. A youth explaining how feedback from fellow participants feels more authentic than feedback received in school: Its something I can do in my spare time, be creative and write and not have to be graded, because, you know how in school youre creative, but youre doing it for a grade so it doesnt really count? From: Living and Learning with New Media: Summary ofFindings from Digital Youth Project5 13. "...interest-driven groups also offer a way to gain recognition and reputation as well as an audience for creative work." From: Living and Learning with New Media: Summary ofFindings from Digital Youth Project6 14. "The most profound impact of the Internet, an impact that has yet to be fully realized, is its ability to support and expand the various aspects of social learning."John Seely Brown 8 photo credit: Joi @ Flickr John Seely Brown 15. "The latest evolution of the Internet, the so-called Web 2.0, has blurred the line between producers and consumers of content and has shifted attention from access to information toward access to other people."9John Seely Brown 16. "Information technologies are having a significant impact on how people work, play, gain information, and collaborate. Increasingly, those who use technology in ways that expand their global connections are more likely to advance, while those who do not will find themselves on the sidelines."10 2009 Horizon Report -Key Trends- 17. SWATT Workshop - Bill Farren