Mahara Suites for Mahara UK 2013

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  • 1. Mahara Suites Exploring a Multiple Institution Model Mahara UK 2013 July 3, 2013
  • 2. E-learning resources & services Learning community support Consulting Learning Agents Accelerated learning systems
  • 3. Career Portfolio Manitoba Employability ePortfolios for Adults Community-based Owned by non-profits Portfolio building course Video tutorials, support Extensive use of Web 2.0 YouTube, Screenr, LinkedIn Templates and examples Pages/collections Fictional exemplar Growing gallery of real examples
  • 4. Beyond the current model Limits to growth, diversity Governance constraints Non-profit owners: mandate/focus, risk aversion ->Transfer ownership to Learning Agents, become tenants with other organizations Manitoba: small province New markets Colleges and universities Career Colleges Immigrant service providers K-12?
  • 5. Outside Environment ePortfolio traction Deep learning, graduate outcomes, employability AAEEBL in North America Read/write web, social media, digital identity WordPress, BuddyPress, etc. Employer awareness and demand Linked In, eRecruitment, Video resumes Community Learning communities, communities of practice Connectivist PLEs, coworking
  • 6. Coworking as a metaphor CC CC deskmag CC deskmag CC deskmag
  • 7. Virtual coworking
  • 8. Multi Mahara Examples So far, all educational MyPortfolio Schools (Kineo Pacific) 1,211 institutions (201301), 85,575 users, 9,976 groups MyPortfolio Tertiary (Kineo Pacific) 14 institutions, 13,381 users,1160 groups Massey University: 9,000 users (Discendum) 49 institutions, 22,000 users, 1,711 groups CLEO (One Connect Limited) 154 institutions, 23,000 users, 874 groups Bute/Argyle Education Authority (EdICT) 160 institutions, 12,500 users, 100+ groups
  • 9. First Option: Mahara Proper The pure FOSS play Core functionality e.g. MyPortfolio Tertiary Trend: more settings at Institution level Third party plugins E.g. MyPortfolio Schools Risk management thru upgrades Customization E.g. Isolated theme hack, TinyMCE mods, etc. MyPortfolio Schools: Moderation Online Risk management thru upgrades
  • 10. Totara Social Mahara distribution for business Social media platform (complement TotaraLMS) Currently, Mahara with existing plug-ins Planned enhancements: Social collaboration Activity streams, following a User, likes/rating, tagging, searching, matching and filtering More complete mobile interface, based on Maharadroid Interface/integration layer with TotaraLMS Pull in profile from Totara, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Institutional enhancements? Multi-tenancy out of the box?
  • 11. Kyvyt (skill) Mahara distro for education & employment Usability Copy this page, QR sign-on, folders for pages Coming: navigation improvements Enhancements Text chat Coming: revamp theme structure Workplace Gallery Public website for portfolios and ads for jobs, etc. Search by categories (FOSS Sphinx DB) Open Badge displayer Share to Mahara community
  • 12. Kyvyt (skill) Mahara distribution for learning communities Institution enhancements Configurable Start Page, share pages to institution Coming: more detailed nstitution statistics Group enhancements Return box Group only login (portfolio UI stripped out) In development: Course group Simple learning and collaboration tools, e.g.: video chat, enrolment, student management, archiving achievements Open Badge Factory (Q1 2014) Community badge management
  • 13. MyPortfolio Newsflash Highlights planned for early in Term 3 Pages in more than one collection Share single page in a collection Users upload/merge LEAP2A portfolios Embedding a viewable PDF Flexible layouts: (horizontal alignment) Drag-and-drop files Tagging for all user created content/artefacts. Full text search Remove "Copy of" from copied pages and collections
  • 14. Why not just use Groups? Delegation of user administration Institution users: file quotas, etc. Themes: display, pages Institution pages, collections Templates for new users Future enhancements?
  • 15. Isolated Institutions (Walled Gardens) LUNS/CLEO proof of concept (1.2) 60+ schools (but few trust relationships) Some issues identified by Richard Mansfield e.g. Listing Users, Groups and Institutions, Group member invitations, Institutional Admin Powers Estimated core integration 2 weeks for full analysis, 4+ weeks of development My current reflection Negative silo impact on learning community Most important for protection of minors
  • 16. Theming Avoiding the brown cardigan effect
  • 17. Isolated institution themes (via Andrew Nicols, LUNS, for CLEO) Hack Mahara 3 commits Edit themeconfig.php $theme->institutions = array('a', 'b') Only institutions in array will see the theme
  • 18. Benefits of Mahara Suites Institutions Easier to pilot Less cost, effort, risk to implement Pan institutional learning community Clustering/critical mass for employers No worries after graduation Service Provider Understandable offering Pre-defined, based on majority needs Simpler servicing for basic Mahara Relationship for other services
  • 19. Beyond your four walls Opportunities for academic institutions Community engagement Employers, sector associations Professional bodies, unions Regional development clusters Revenue for sustainability? Hosting and technical development Recursive, emergent learning Further formal, non-formal learning Access to HE via RPL/PLAR Lifelong portfolio
  • 20. Mileage may vary Recommended practices, lessons learned Build it and they may not come Marketing and communications is huge Explicit linkage to pedagogies and outcomes Boots on the ground MyPortfolio Taster Sessions 3 teachers/school Follow-up Be responsive to clients Visual design, navigation, continuous improvement Beware over-customization One size fits all vs. bespoke
  • 21. (204) 219-5933 Don Presant PRESENTATION SUPPORT PAGE