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  • 1. Looking Back Looking Ahead Lessons from the field

2. WhitePass SchoolDistrict 3. Takhlakh Lake 4. Packwood Lake 5. Geographically quite large Three distinct communities (all unincorporated) Glenoma Randle Packwood Decreased enrollment in the last decade Significant superintendent turnoverDistrict Context 6. Applied for a jobBegan to lookInterview in as an internal for jobs with White Pass: twocandidate: one specificsided sidedattributesDidnt get the Not place bound Offered job job but not limitless Wanted another Should I stay orNegotiatedinterview andshould I try to contract and ultimately a go? made the move positionMy path to today 7. Finishing Demolition ofNegotiations construction ontwo schoolsa new schoolHiring staffAnd thenTheres no easing in 8. August 16, 2011When you have one new boardmember 9. Closing some chapters in thedistricts history 10. and writing new ones. 11. Join, join, join Trail riders club Theater supporters Friends of the museum Attend, attend, attend Games Community events (fire hall breakfast, pet ministrybreakfast) Senior luncheons Be visibleBecoming a community member 12. November 8, 2011The board that hires you 13. Situations arose in which: I had no previous knowledge upon which to draw Google couldnt help me WSDDA did not have any recommended policies or sample letters I had to figure it outfastIve had my share of cougarmoments (and I am not talking aboutthe cougs). 14. Some dogs cant help withcougars 15. Confidence Scale43.5332.52.5 21.51Mind the dip and keep going! 16. Seek out help whenneeded; you arent SourcesaloneOSPI Technical Assistance Compliance ESDs Fiscal PD Attorney Superintendents WSSDA Mentors 17. I have taken breaks. Realones. Not the watch a videoWHILE you read email kind. 18. Pace setting Negotiations Strategic planning Board relationshipsMy greatest upcoming challenges